Welcome! The Old Town Pub Co is your one-stop shop for everything fun you could ever want.  Weaving through the Grassmarket to George IV Bridge, drop down onto the vibrant Cowgate then up to the legendary Royal Mile. Brace yourselves for a range of awesomeness… Traditional pubs, underground nightclubs, sports bars and live music venues.  Yes, that’s right… fifteen unique venues across EH1.

Get ready to soak up loads of live music, explore mind-blowing whisky menus, catch not one, not two, but three different football matches at the same time, or maybe even unleash your inner orangutan with wild dance moves. Also, why don’t you satisfy your inner chocolate goblin with a deep-fried Mars bar? – you know you want to!

Hungry for more? Hop on over to our website and explore the unique vibe of each venue. Oh, and don’t miss our “What’s On” page – that’s your golden ticket to stay updated on upcoming events and snag those tickets before anyone else does. HOLD UP, fellow students! Whip out that student card and score 20% off on all your food and drinks at any of our venues.

Ever wondered about the hidden gems of Edinburgh’s split personalities? Brace yourselves as we introduce you to Edinburgh’s better half.  Unveil the secret hangouts of the iconic Old Town and tap right into its historical pulse. Get ready to explore this dynamic city and uncover the essence that sets it alive.

Still hungry for more? Breakfast at Mackays on the Mile will sort you right out – open everyday from 9am, the perfect place for a hairy dog… Want to finally perform outside your bedroom? Get over to Whistle Binkies on Monday nights for their legendary Open Mic, sign up from 8pm.  Thirsty? Try Scotland’s most famous cocktail – The Venom.  Legends, Bar Salsa and of course the House of Venom – Subway Cowgate! Get down to Subway Social (next door) to get queue jump wristbands – (you’ll need them!) definitely worth leaving the flat early for. Dreaming of a traditional Scottish Ceilidh but fed up waiting for someone to get married? Head to Stramash every Wednesday for their weekly hoolie. Doors at 7pm, dancing from 9pm, usually heaving so get in early to grab a space. Prefer your music to be performed on technological devices? The Mash House regularly provides beats for discerning dancers, a hidden gem not usually discovered until at least 2nd year. Techno, trance, industrial, garage, rave, drum & bass, and everything in between. PLUS, intimate gigs with future festival headliners. Fancy a big gig? Pop down the stairs to La Belle for big-name touring bands, on the big sound system, on the big bouncy dancefloor. See you down the front.

So, are you up for this? Join us at The Old Town Pub Co and let’s set out on an adventure that celebrates the vibrant spirit of Edinburgh’s Old Town like never before. The journey of a lifetime awaits – let’s make some unforgettable memories together! 🎉🍻