Chingón is a Mexican slang term that means f******* awesome. Just like our restaurant!

“Qué chingón” can literally be translated with “how cool” or “how awesome” and can be used for things (something cool, awesome, very good), as well as for people (someone intelligent, capable, skilled, overall a nice and good person).

You want to compliment your classmate who just passed all his exams? You can say:” Well done mate. Qué chingón eres!”

Chingón Tacos is a window into the vibrant flavours and colours of Mexican gastronomy.

Picture this: a lively ambience filled with authentic Mexican vibes, setting the stage for an evening of laughter and joy with your friends. As you take your seats, our friendly team will be there to guide you through an exciting lineup of taco varieties, each carefully handcrafted to perfection.

Head Chef Daniel Vargas grew up in his brother’s taqueria in Mexico City and he is now bringing to London regional dishes delivered with authenticity, using the finest ingredients imported from Mexico. Our menu is inspired by the incredible regional diversity of the Mexican cuisine: from the ceviche dish of the Pacific Coast to the Cochinita Pibil synonym with the Yucatán Peninsula.

​From savoury appetizers to a wide selection of tacos and mains, our menu offers something for everyone.

Start your meal with our classic guacamole, made fresh to order and served with crispy tortilla chips. Or try our choriqueso, a delicious blend of melted cheese and chorizo, served with warm tortillas for dipping. If you instead are a seafood lover you can’t miss our best seller, the Baja Fish tacos, or the Tuna Tostada which is the signature dish at Contramar, in Mexico City.

And if you are torn between breakfast and lunch, we also are serving an authentic Mexican brunch at weekends and it’s packed with delicious options that are sure to satisfy your cravings!

So, gather your friends and join us for an extraordinary journey through the heart of Mexico, book you table at this link.