Michael Jackson may be gone, but he will never be forgotten. The Student Pocket Guide pays tribute to the ‘King of Pop’.

The Basic Steps for Thriller. Stage I
Begin with both arms hung by your sides, head facing down towards the floor. Throw your hands toward the sky and extend in front for the zombie pose. Now hold arms either side of the body and shake. Push arms up repeatedly in a circular movement then nod the head from front to back. Finish this sequence by simulating the famous Michael Jackson ‘crotch thrust’. And take a breather…………

The Basic Steps for Thriller. Stage II
The next sequence starts by doing ‘the zombie’ from side to side, followed by a pendulum motion of the arms. Follow this with a short upward stabbing motion then drop down and break out a Michael Jackson leg kick, clicking the fingers with every motion. End the sequence with a windmill like movement of the arms and you are almost ready to bust a move in the student union on Friday night!

Michael Jackson Tribute