It’s that time of year again, the winter’s setting in, it’s getting dark and cold outside and everyone seems to be curling up indoors with a blanket wrapped around them, thinking about the fashionable winter’s stylish hair colours.

‘Kickstarting that classic winter look’

The boredom starts to set in; everyone doesn’t seem as active as they once were during the summer and so indoor activities are more on the agenda for most people and for lots of girls out there, the rain and bad weather is yet just another great excuse to get shopping.

When evening dinner parties start being arranged and expensive London theatre trips get booked up, it’s clear that Christmas is on its way. Despite the idea of Christmas day being about giving and receiving; the festive build up can be about making yourself look glamorous and bang on trend, so don’t feel guilty when spending money on making an effort with your appearance, because after all, with all these festive wine and dining events coming up, you’re going to want to look fabulous for them.

Here are a few ideas on how to look ‘stunningly perfect’ this winter… so, listen up!

One of the main changes that us girls go through year after year is hair colour. For some reason, when seasons change, hair colour follows. The traditional summer sun kissed, glowing blonde hair almost automatically turns to darker shades, such as a glossy brunette during the winter. Changing from one hair colour to the next in accordance to the seasons can be very tiresome on your old barnet, so make sure if you are colouring your hair that you think of products that will rescue hair from falling out and feeling like straw!

I hold my hands up to colouring my hair dependant on the season, as well as the million odd other girls in the UK, therefore, it is absolutely crucial that we ensure that our hair doesn’t suffer as a result of this constant change in colour.

As a keen hair colourer myself, I know what I’m talking about when I say ‘look out for all the moisturising hair products’ because believe me, they work! If it wasn’t for ‘TIGI LET IT BE, Cherry Almond Leave in Condition’, I don’t know what sort of state my hair would be in. I think after the amount of colour I’ve put my hair through recently I’d probably not have much hair left!

If you’re reading this now and thinking the same, then honestly I would recommend buying this product because it locks in all the moisture and keeps hair looking fresh and feeling silky all day. It doesn’t cost an awful lot either, roughly £3.99 from TKMaxx which is great value for money considering the benefits it will have on your hair. Another thing to note is that it can be used on all hair types and hair colours! The great thing about it is that 88% of the content is from organic and natural sources; making this product far more appealing than any other item on the market at present, so what you waiting for? ‘GET BUYING’

Changing your hair with permanent hair colour from blonde to brunette isn’t too damaging to the hair because you’re staying well and truly away from the deadly stuff, bleach. Therefore, the treatment that you use to care for your hair won’t need to be as strong as the stuff you will need to apply come the summer when you start bleaching again.

In this instance, I would apply a few squirts of the TIGI leave in conditioner that I mentioned earlier. However, if you can’t get hold of this product or don’t particularly like the sound of cherry and almond mixed together because yes, before you ask, it does smell particularly strange. Two extremely different ingrediants that I would never in a million years think to mix together have been, in the creation of this very unusual organic hair product.

Another favourite healing product of mine is the ‘Macadamia Healing Oil Hair Treatment’ despite this range being that bit more expensive than the TIGI conditioner; my hair feels more nourished after using it, so I feel that this is a worthwhile product. The products are known for providing intense nourishment for tangled hair, making it ultra smooth, manageable and shiny. As well as providing a natural UV protection, which extends the life of colour treated hair as if prevents the fading.

Overall, I cant fault the Macadamia hair products. I’ve been using them for years, as have my sisters and mother and we all agree that the products are the best on the market for bringing your hair back to life after you colour it, so give it a go and see what you think.

Happy hair dying!

Words: Amy French