You don’t have to be a professional makeup artist to paint a face well.  In fact, a lot of what you need to know is at the tips of your fingers already.  If you want to improve your makeup skills there are plenty of beauty vloggers out there who have all the information you need.  A makeup and beauty vlogger can give you tips on technique, brands, tools, and much more, all you have to do is find the one that suits you.

Top Makeup and Beauty Vlogger List

Kathleen Fluentes

YouTube: KathleenLights
Instagram: @kathleenlights

Kathleen Fluentes is an American makeup and beauty vlogger from Miami.  Operating under the name Kathleen Lights, Fluentes started a YouTube channel in 2013 and now has 4.15 million subscribers watching her videos.  Kathleen’s channel mainly focuses on tutorials and reviews, showing people how to achieve the looks they want and putting brands to the test to see if their products live up to their reputations.

Kathleen has a very casual chatty way of presenting her videos, constantly talking viewers through what she is doing as well as just general conversation.  Her first reactions videos are particularly good as she delivers her initial reactions to a product unfiltered, so they come across even more honest.

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Nikkie de Jager

YouTube: Nikkie Tutorials
Facebook: Nikkie Tutorials
Twitter: @NikkieTutorials
Instagram: @nikkietutorials

A big name in the makeup and beauty vlogger community is Nikkie de Jager.  Nikkie is a Dutch YouTuber with nearly 14 million subscribed to her channel Nikkie Tutorials.  She loves to show the impact makeup can have, as shown in her ‘power of makeup’ series, while still keeping her videos fun and down to earth.  Nikkie has become one of−if not the most−popular makeup and beauty vlogger on the platform and has collaborated with many big-name celebrities such as Adele and Lady Gaga.

Nikkie is incredibly entertaining to watch, completing fun makeup challenges as well as her normal tutorials and reviews.  She is also a talented interviewer, asking guests creative and interesting questions while also managing to do their makeup immaculately.

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Manny Gutierrez

YouTube: Manny Mua
Facebook: MannyMua
Twitter: @MannyMua733
Instagram: @mannymua733

Manny Gutierrez is an American makeup and beauty vlogger who generally goes by the professional name Manny Mua.  After joining YouTube in 2014, Manny has amassed nearly 5 million subscribers during his time on the platform.  Manny may be regarded as a rare commodity as he is a male makeup and beauty vlogger in an industry that is usually dominated by women.  That hasn’t perturbed him though, and in 2017 he became the first ever male ambassador for Maybelline cosmetics.  Identifying himself as a ‘boy beauty vlogger’ Manny is on a mission to prove that makeup is genderless.

Manny does a lot of unboxing and review videos on his channel.  He gives his honest first impressions and isn’t  afraid to lay out the pros and cons for all the products he tests.  Manny’s presentation style is rapid, snappy, and detailed, so if you like videos that are not only entertaining but give you a lot of information in a short amount of time you should check out Manny’s channel.

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Nyma Tang

YouTube: Nyma Tang
Facebook: Nyma Tang
Twitter: @nymatang
Instagram: @nymatang

Nyma is a makeup and beauty vlogger who brings attention to the struggles people with darker skin tones face when they try and buy makeup and other beauty products.  She has an arsenal of makeup tips and advice for people with darker complexions so that they can find the shades that match their skin tone.  More than that, Nyma collaborates with well-known brands to create makeup that is suitable for everyone’s needs.

Nyma has a very calm and relaxed style, explaining every step she takes, so viewers know exactly what she’s doing and why at all times.  She will also add written comments and captions to her videos if she feels some things need further explanation which is also really helpful.

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Wayne Goss

YouTube: Wayne Goss
Facebook: Goss Makeup Artist
Twitter: @gossmakeupartis
Instagram: @gossmakeupartist

Wayne is a professional makeup artist, as well as a makeup and beauty vlogger.  His channel thrives on breaking down different aspects of makeup and beauty routines into easily digestible segments that can be watched by people of any skill level.   Wayne has more than 15 years of experience working in the makeup industry, so you know you’re in capable hands.  As well as giving helpful advice on what to do to achieve the look you want, Wayne also doesn’t shy away from bringing attention to bogus makeup trends and hacks that don’t actually work.

As you might expect from a veteran with over 15 years of experience Wayne is very professional in his videos.  Some YouTubers, like Kathleen Lights, like to present their videos in a way that is informal and seems more like a friendly chat with a friend (bringing in personal anecdotes). Wayne always keeps to the topic at hand making his videos concise and informative.  He also delves into the science behind the products, letting you know, for example, what the pH level of a product is and what impact that has.

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