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Certain fashion trends have a habit of coming back in style every so often and it can be hard to keep up with what trends are cool at any given time.  Watching content made by a women’s fashion influencer can be a great way to keep yourself informed and can be a really helpful place to start if you don’t know what suits you. These five beauty, lifestyle, and fashion influencers are ready with tips and advice whenever you need it.

Tamara Kalinic

YouTube: Tamara Kalinic
Facebook: Glam and Glitter by Tamara Kalinic
Twitter: @tamarakalinic
Instagram: @tamara

Born in Bosnia but now based in the UK, Tamara Kalinic is an entrepreneur, model, women’s fashion influencer, and blogger.  Despite completing her studies to become a pharmacist, Tamara was drawn to the fashion industry and started one of the most successful beauty and fashion blogs in recent years: The Glam and Glitter.  Tamara has created a premium eyewear brand and has been featured on the covers of various publications, such as Grazia and Cosmopolitan, and remains a prominent figure to watch in the fashion industry.

Tamara is dedicated to her YouTube channel, taking her viewers with her as she attends fashion weeks and travels around the world, as well as offering up all the fashion and lifestyle knowledge she has gained from her experiences.  If you are someone who likes to keep up with trends and/or has a passion for luxury fashion and brands, Tamara’s channel will be a great place for you to visit.  She takes her viewers through everything in a calm, detailed, and articulate manner.  Though, if you pay attention you can see her visibly trying to contain her excitement as she is just as enthusiastic as you are.  Tamara covers a wide range of fashions topics and always appears knowledgeable, so you can trust that she knows what she’s talking about.

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Rosie Bea

YouTube: MsRosieBea
Instagram: @rosietheginger

Rosie Bea became a hair, beauty, lifestyle, and women’s fashion influencer while she was still studying at university, making videos for YouTube and Instagram.  She has now graduated from Southampton University with a degree in fashion design.  Rosie has collaborated with various brands including Maybelline and L’Oreal.

Having started making videos while still a student herself, Rosie makes sure to incorporate her university experience into her videos and offer advise for other students.  She pauses her fashion and beauty videos every so often to give recommendations for student meals or to show viewers what her daily student life is like.  Using her background in fashion, Rosie adds an aspect to her channel that other women’s fashion influencer’s don’t have.  As well as recommending clothes and looks, Rosie actually shows viewers how to sew garments themselves with her YouTube series ‘Sew With Me,’ so they can create unique clothes tailored for them.  She also has series demonstrating how to do hair and makeup, everything you need for a night out.

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Patricia Bright

YouTube: Patricia Bright
Twitter: @PattyOLovesU
Instagram: @thepatriciabright

Patricia Bright is a beauty, lifestyle, and women’s fashion influencer who is based and grew up in London.  Before becoming a YouTuber Patricia was actually an investment banker and is very money savvy, often putting her financial knowledge to good use and giving people advice in her videos.  In fact, she has a completely separate YouTube channel called ‘The Break’ which is dedicated to advising and sharing experiences with finance, career, and personal development.

Patricia has a very frank and honest approach to her vlogs, allowing viewers to witness the various battles she goes through in life whether it’s to do with her body, her hair, or her mental wellbeing.  Patricia shares her struggles and by doing so stands up for others who may be facing similar obstacles in their lives.  Then, of course, there is the fashion side.  Patricia’s fashion advice is mostly based on personal experience and always on point.  She explains everything without throwing in an unnecessary amount of technical jargon, making her videos easily understandable to people who have no fashion expertise and those who are well-versed in the fashion industry alike.

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Alexandra Croney

YouTube: MissAlex
Facebook: MissAlex
Instagram: @alexandra.croney
TikTok: @alexandra.croney

Although Alex’s channel now has a focus on fashion, before becoming a women’s fashion influencer her focus was hair and beauty.  Alex started off as just another student enrolled on a hair and beauty course, but she soon felt the need to share her passion and started a YouTube channel demonstrating quick and easy hairstyles for people to try at home.  Over time Alex found that her audience also resonated with her fashion style and tips and wanted more.

Being 4’11” Alex is classed as petite and has often struggled to find clothes that look good on her and flatter her figure.  As such, while her videos are suitable for everyone, Alex’s videos are particularly great for petite viewers who want some help finding clothes that work for them.  Working based off her own experience as a petite woman, Alex is always ready with some essential advice and simple tips for her petite viewers that will help elevate their looks in a way that works in tandem with their height. Plus, like Patricia, Alex refrains from using too many technical terms so all her advice can be easily understood by anyone.  Alex has all sorts of guidance about all sorts of topics, from seasonal wear to party looks to everyday clothes to wear to work or uni, you’re in capable hands.

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Amelia Liana

YouTube: Amelia Liana
Twitter: @amelialiana_
Instagram: @amelialiana

Amelia is another women’s fashion influencer who started making content while she was still in university.  Having worked as a beauty vlogger for Cosmopolitan and beauty editor of Suitcase Magazine, Amelia is well-versed in delivering information and advice in an easily digestible manner.  She has also released her own jewellery and accessories brand called RAEMI which takes inspiration from her Lebanese and Iranian heritage.

Amelia’s YouTube videos cover a variety of topics, with content about makeup, hair, travel, and lifestyle, as well as fashion.  She also has a reliable upload schedule, releasing weekly videos for you to enjoy.   Amelia is also active on Instagram which focuses more on luxury fashion, and she posts some stunning photos of her travels and looks.  Amelia has a very charming personality, and she appears very comfortable in front of the camera in her videos, which quickly puts viewers at ease.  You almost forget that you’re watching the video to get fashion or beauty advice as it’s just nice to listen to her talk.

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A women’s fashion influencer has so much to offer in terms of content, you can go searching for advice in one area and come back with so much more, and hopefully feeling much more prepared and ready for any future events coming up.