Science-backed RevitaLash Cosmetics is the only company in its sphere that creates beauty innovations for your brows, lashes, hair. This American brand specialises in producing premium-segment products for the renewal and cure of fine hair. The mission of RevitaLash is to awaken the natural forces of women’s and men’s inner beauty.

We invite you to buy RevitaLash in the UK in our concept store of scientifically verified skincare – “Dermoi”. All beauty products for sale are developed by experts in dermatology and ophthalmology. They are medically tested by independent laboratories to prove their safety and effectiveness.

Revitalising discovery: start of the brand

Dr Michael Brinkenhoff worked out the original remedy for his sick wife to return beauty to her lashes. It boosted their length after the chemotherapy. What is more, it gave a noticeable curl effect. So, the technology, BioPeptin Complex, was patented and the brand became the leader in its sphere.

To feel the transformation, add only one item of these cosmetics to your nightly beauty routine. The products make natural lashes and brows look like artificial: long, curly, healthy, and glowing.

Unique eyelash conditioner

The history of the brand started with the iconic conditioner for lashes. Today it stays on the first lines of the world charts. Then the company developed a wide range of products for awakening natural beauty. They give the hair and skin total care and defence:

The cosmetics are developed on natural botanicals and scientifically-worked components. They give great aesthetic effect and cope with sights of aging. The products contain biotin and green tea extract, peptides, lipids, ginseng and Swertia Japonica. They are:

  • safe,
  • designed be medical scientists,
  • tested by dermatologists,
  • don’t cause allergies.

Visible results

The research proved that 98% of respondents stated visible results of usage: longer, healthier, darker hair. You can also try mascara, primer, eyeliner, eyebrow conditioner and gel. They are all developed by medical specialists and proved their efficacy. The products:

  • fasten lash growth and thickness;
  • increase level of pigment;
  • turn lashes glossier;
  • lessen breakage;
  • reduce the effects of environmental damage;
  • diminish sights of aging;
  • maximise flexibility and shine.

How to use

To estimate the effect, apply the products on a regular basis. Use the remedy daily on dry clean lashes or brows at least for 6 weeks. You should get rid of any residue of the treatment to avoid a film between your hair and cosmetics. After the usage you should applying any make-up only on dry skin. Don’t use the products more often than recommended.

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