Whether it’s a job interview or a hot date, looking your best for a significant occasion is vital. Although the majority of your focus may be on what you’re wearing and the hairstyle you plan to sport, you must also pay close attention to what look you intend to go for as far as makeup is concerned..

It may not seem that complicated to create the right look for any affair, however, many of us often miss the mark. If you’re the type of woman who wouldn’t wear a tight miniskirt to a seminar, but, sees no problem going to a job interview with her face painted up with makeup fit for a night out, start taking notes because the kind of makeup look you settle on is just as essential as the rest of your attire.

While some ladies wear too much makeup at unsuitable events, others don’t put on enough or are unaware of what makeup style is appropriate. From your eyes to the shade of lipstick you go for, wearing the proper makeup goes a long way when trying to create the ideal look.

Work it at Work

Whether you’re in class, interning, on work experience, or squeezing in a job with your studies, putting on a ton of makeup is both a hassle and unnecessary. Not only do you lack the time to continuously apply or retouch your makeup, sometimes wearing a full face of makeup is not the best look. Because we always want to look professional no matter what, light foundations with SPF 15, powder, blush, lipstick, a simple dusting of a light eye shadow, subdued eyeliner, and mascara are all that’s needed to look good throughout the day. Steer clear of bold, forceful colours and shimmery or distracting eye makeup. Feel free to switch up your look from day to day, however, your everyday look should be soft, pretty, and polished.

Relaxed Makeup Looks

During the weekend or on a random day away from studies, you want to relax and hang out with your friends. You may chose to have lunch with the girls, a few afternoon cocktails with in the sun, shop for for flowers at Marks and Spencer, or attend the cinema with your mate. You can still look great without overdoing your makeup. Apply light face powder to even out your skin tone, light concealer to hide dark circles or blemishes, a bit of soft blush, a light coating of medium brown hued eyeliner, mascara, and a soft or nude lip colour or a clear gloss to add some shine (and a bit of sex appeal) to your lips. This simple look is effortless and makes you look as if you aren’t made up at all, yet it still allows you to enhance your features and draw attention to your favourite facial attributes without having full coverage or looking overly done up.

Spice up Your Look for Date Night

Whether you have just start dating someone or are planning an evening out with your partner, it’s important to make sure that you match your appearance for how you feel and the tone of the occasion. First, decide whether you want to accentuate your eyes or mouth. You can bring out your eyes by combining a neutral hue of brown, medium shades of grey, dark eyeliner, and lash-extending mascara. If you want to draw attention to your mouth, skip the eye shadow and just apply black eyeliner and mascara. Be creative and spontaneous by going with a unique shade of lipstick that you ordinarily wouldn’t wear. Bright pinks and reds that complement your skin tone are ideal. For final touches, you could put some roses on your cheeks with dark pink blush, then finish off the look with nude lip gloss.