Netsky Interview | The Student Pocket Guide
by Nathan Wadlow

Netsky, aka Boris Daenen, is a leading pioneer in the wave of new skool electronic music artists that are evolving the genre at a rapid pace. At just 24, he has risen to drum and bass stardom at Usain Bolt-esque pace, with a number one album in his native Belgium along with numerous dance chart successes here in the UK. We caught up with the rather polite young chap at Parklife Weekender, who spoke to us about his posh new barbeque, massive steaks and performing with his live band…

Hello Netsky! How are you?
Yeah, I’m good thanks. We just got off stage from the Hospitality Tent which was fun. This is the first festival we’ve done this summer where it’s actually been sunny!

Always helps…
Yeah, for sure. When it’s in Manchester, it doesn’t happen all that much I guess! But it’s been such a great day; beautiful weather, great people and great crowds.

Did you bring emergency wellyboots just in case?
I was going to! Last year I remember really needing them but it’s been alright today.

Netsky Interview with Nathan Wadlow

I saw on Twitter that Steve Script MC was trying to get you to bring your brand new barbeque to the UK. What’s this all about?
I’ve just bought this incredibly posh barbeque! I’m a big barbeque freak but I’ve never owned a really cool one; I’ve always learnt to deal with small, amateur barbeques. I now own this big Boretti model which I used along with the band last night before we came here – it was quite hard waking up this morning actually! Script wants me to bring it to the UK, which we are going to do at some point, but I didn’t see his tweet until this morning.

What were you cooking up?
Me and my manager Bjorn are really into steaks. Big steak freaks. He bought these 2 kilo steaks along. That’s big! Yeah!

With the live show, do you feel like you’ve added an extra edge to your performances and are possibly appealing to more people?
Yeah, I guess so. It really opens a lot of doors for us and brings a lot of opportunities to play on different stages. We aren’t just restricted to drum & bass stages, and can play after a rock band or for some new faces. I really like that; trying to expand our horizon a little bit. It’s been really good for that, and it’s a lot of fun.

I hear you’re producing for a few people. Would you ever go down the pop avenue?
Not necessarily pop but maybe a few side projects. I’m doing lots of stuff in the studio at the moment but I’m taking some time off after the summer to work on some drum and bass again. I want to see what we can do with the live band as well because it’s very inspiring working with trained jazz musicians and performing with great vocalists; it really opens your eyes to different genres.

Are you going to be bringing elements of your live show into your next album?
Not necessarily. It’s always something that is in the back of my mind I guess, but I always want to try and forget about the live band when I’m in the studio. I really don’t want to be limited by any instruments or melodies that I would have to be able to play. I want to keep producing like I used to, but it is hard sometimes when you think about playing on stage with the band and what the drummer can drum, or what the keyboard player can play, you know? We’ll see what happens in the future.

Netsky Interview with Nathan Wadlow

I’m actually an eighth Belgian… An eighth? Wow, OK.
Yeah, my mum’s dad was Belgian. I’ve never actually been though. If I were to go, how would you sell it to me?

I like Belgium a lot and that is the main reason why I still live there. I’ve thought about moving to Brighton or London, New Zealand and also America over the past couple of years, but I’m so much in love with my own country and I’ve got all my friends and family there. I live in the north part of Belgium, in Antwerp, which is a great city. It’s comparable to a very chilled out, relaxed version of Bristol.

Ah OK. Must have a good scene to it?
Oh yeah, for sure! Great music, bass music and a great electronic scene. Amazing venues as well. We just played at an 8000 capacity venue over there and next door there is an 18,000 capacity venue as well, which is great when it’s just around the corner from where you live. A perfect setting for you then! Completely.

On the scene this year, have there been any artists you have particularly enjoyed?
Yeah, there’s so much amazing music around right now. I really like the new Disclosure and Rudimental albums. It’s an exciting time for new music right now.

This is a question we ask a lot of people we speak to… Where do you see the world in 100 years time? To be honest, that’s the only thing we talk about on tour! Haha, really?!
Yeah, we’re always talking about things like that, it’s really interesting. But wow, 100 years… I would love to see the world as a more peaceful union. I always think about alien life forms and if they were to look down on our planet and see how we fight each other as one species, they would think it’s just ridiculous! We should be trying to use technology to help others.

It’s been wicked talking to you and good luck with the new album.
Thank you!

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