The very first episode of Made in Chelsea NYC was aired last night and the gang are in New York (duh?). Bringing along with them all the London drama, gossip and general dirty laundry (not really, I’m sure they have maids to do that sort of thing).

If you haven’t caught up yet we won’t spoil it, lets say they do a lot of what they do in London just maybe brunch a bit more and everything sounds a lot more British with a few new American faces thrown in.

What really had us on the edge of our seats was the teaser for next week’s episode, we saw a sobbing Jamie arguing with Alex Mytton screaming “Stop lying to people, especially people who mean so much to you. Go to London you p****, I f**king hate you.” Well… we CANNOT wait a whole seven days to find out what Alex did that was so bad to make Jamie cry, so we had a Twitter investigation of our own, some social media suggestions are a bit silly but some might be very feasible…

(All images sourced from Twitter)

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