Zendaya has really made her mark with her performance in Euphoria, but the question is, is the show really that good? If you are wondering where you can watch Euphoria, you can watch it on HBO or HBO Max, which is a part of almost every TV service.

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Coming back to Euphoria, you may have seen other shows that deal with the usage of drugs, lots of sex, and whatnot. So, what really is it that makes Euphoria stand out from the rest? Here are some factors that make Euphoria a great watch, which should be convincing enough to get you started as well.

A Brilliant Cast

One of the things that makes this show stand out from the rest is the amazing cast that it has. The lead is taken by Zendaya who has shown what she’s made of by pouring her heart out into her character. She is known as “Rue” in the show. The show even introduced a transgender actress, Hunter Schafer, who has also done a brilliant job with her character called “Jules”

Other than that, we get to see Sydney Sweeney who plays “Chloe” and she has all sorts of problems going on in her life, mostly with relationship issues that have her occupied throughout the show. The show encouraged audiences to accept their bodies through Barbie Ferreira’s role. Other actresses with impactful roles include Alexa Demie and Maude Apatow. Each of these actresses has shown their dedication to acting and has struck a chord in the audience that made everyone fall in love with them.

The Show’s Take on Drugs and What they can do

Drugs are not something to be messed around with, and that is exactly what the show is about. In the show, we see Rue and how she struggles with addiction, how she goes into rehab and ends up relapsing every time. The portrayal of drugs and their abuse in the show is very real and it is frightening as well.

The show plays its part in telling the youth not to be involved in drugs since they can cause a lot of problems not just for you but for your loved ones as well as it is difficult for them to watch their loved one struggle with drug issues. While it may be easy to take drugs, it is quite a difficult journey to find your way out of them.

Euphoria can be seen as an eye-opener when it comes to the repercussions of taking drugs and what they can do to you. Even as you are trying to quit, the show also shows the kind of withdrawal that people have to face, and the entire sequence was very disturbing to watch.

The Amazing Cinematography

The visuals, the colours, and everything about how the show is cinematographed are outstanding. Even though things seem a bit dark at times, they still fit the vibe of the show which itself is very dark since it deals with traumatic experiences that teens might go through.

Even the scenes where Rue is tripping after taking drugs are aesthetically pleasing. Paired with the emotions and expressions of the actors, the way the show has been visualised will always go down in history.

Stellar Reviews by Critics

One way to tell that a show is good is by looking at the reviews that it is given by the critics. Euphoria has seen really good reviews from critics, which means that the show really is as good as everyone claims it to be. It had a rating of 80% on Rotten Tomatoes, which is a pretty good score for a TV show. Critics said that at times, the show became hard to watch but it was still a great watch regardless. The show was quite a visual experience and since the story is still ongoing, it remains to be an aesthetically pleasing experience.

The Show’s Stance on Mental Health Issues

Another brilliant element in Euphoria is how they take mental health issues seriously and try advocating for them. This includes depression, anxiety, drug abuse, commitment and relationship issues, and so on. This can be seen in the show’s lead character, Rue, who suffers from ADHD, anxiety, and Borderline Personality Disorder.

Euphoria is a ray of hope as it shows the problems teens go through and this would motivate them to confide in someone when they are going through a hard time.

Wrapping Up

So, is Euphoria really as good as they say it is? It is easy to say that yes, it is. Euphoria brings a lot of social issues to light and how we should be catering to them. It shows that teens have it very hard and that they should be heard. Mental health issues should be taken very seriously and one should not mess with drugs.