Game Of Thrones Quiz

 Ever since Game of Thrones first hit our television screens, fans have become hooked by the shows dramatic storylines and phenomenal characters. The George R. R. Martin novels were brought to life back in 2011 and Game of Thrones has gone from strength to strength ever since.

Whether you are addicted to the television adaptation or more of a bookworm, how well do you know Game of Thrones? Could you tell the difference between Dagmer and Dareon? Do you know who killed Renly Baratheon?

With the internet being full of devoted fans setting up their own blogs and websites based on the Seven Kingdoms, how does your knowledge compare to theirs? 32Red are on the lookout for the biggest GoT enthusiast going, by putting together a quiz that will only challenge the oracles of knowledge. One lucky winner of the quiz, which can be found at: will get to visit Westeros itself with a trip to one of the shows top filming locations and the runners up will get the chance to win a whole host of memorabilia.

As season 5 approaches us, all the die-hard fans will remember how season 4 left many of our favourite characters in cliff-hanger situations. So how will the new series pan out for the show’s biggest personalities?

Sansa Stark

Season four saw Sansa escape the clutches of Joffrey and King’s Landing, as Petyr Baelish helped her retreat to The Eyrie. In a stark contrast to her sister Arya, Sansa is much more lady like, preferring reading poetry and sewing to sword combat. However, her soft touch was relinquished as she lied to cover Littlefinger’s back, claiming her Aunt Lysa threw herself down the Moon Door, rather than being thrown down by Baelish. Will her relationship with Littlefinger turn Sansa into a more dominating character or can she lead the Stark family revival?

Margaery Tyrell

Although Margaery is a vision of beauty and intelligence, season four saw her character unfold even further as she did nothing to defend Tyrion when he was accused of murdering King Joffrey. She was well aware Tyrion had nothing to do with the poisoning of his nephew, so was it Margaery’s plan to get rid of Joffrey all along? Will she go on to marry the young King Tommen in season 5 or will Cersei stand in their way?

Tyrion Lannister

Tyrion became one of the shows best loved characters throughout the first three series, with fans falling in love with his comedy values and outlook on life. But season 4 saw him wrongly accused of killing his nephew and sentenced to prison. With a little help from his brother Jaime, Tyrion escaped his jail cell and boarded a ship to Essos – not before strangling his former love Shae to death and shooting his father Tywin Lannister with a crossbow. Will Cersei send out a warrant calling for Tyrion’s head or will his new accomplice Lord Varys help him avoid the grasp of the death penalty?

With season 5 on the horizon, the anticipation of what happens to the show’s main characters will be killing the Game of Thrones geeks! But with the new series set to begin in mid-April, all will be revealed in the coming months.

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