A Students Guide To Getting Tattooed by Natalie Deyes

Getting your first tattoo can be a roller-coaster of emotions. Excitement, anxiety, nervousness beyond belief. With tattoos becoming more of a norm these days, its safe to say that everyone is getting inked. But for those of you who haven’t yet been touched by that magic tattoo pen, but are wishing to become a human canvas, there are probably a few points you should think about….

Tattoos hurt!

You see endless people on Youtube screaming in fear as this tiny needle only brushes their skin. Yes it hurts. But the pain will vary with different people, as well as the pain differing from the placement of the tattoo. The best way to describe the pain is a burning, scratching sensation. You will most likely find yourself weirdly enjoying the pain and maybe finding it relaxing. If you’re nervous, take a friend, put your headphones in or take some sweets to chew on. The tattoo artist is always reassuring anyway, you will be calm. But do not drink before you get tattooed!

Make sure you find the right design!

Sure, it’s common sense but there is no point in blaming the tattoo artist if your not keen on what you’ve ended up with. Pick something significant to you and not because you were drunkenly dared or thought it was a ‘nice’ idea.


Student loans aren’t meant for tattoos but if you have a part-time job or some extra cash, put it away in a jar and then you will have enough money for a quality tattoo.


Words cannot express how important this is. Just because the shop looks cool or you know someone, who knew someone, who got a tattoo there, doesn’t mean you should pick that shop. Also, don’t pick an artists because they are cheaper. Getting tattooed abroad is definitely NOT recommended! They are often unsanitary and there is more risk of infection abroad. Facebook is a great way of finding talented artists in your area. Also read reviews!

Some artists have different styles!

Tattoo artists specialise in different art. Just like musicians. If you want a really good black and grey tattoo, go to a tattoo artist who specialises in that area. Not only will you get a quality tattoo, but they will appreciate being given something that they will shine in, which will be great publicity for them.


Just because the tattoo seems like a good idea, and you have the money for it, it does not mean you should go ahead. Tattoos are for life and even though this is obvious, most people don’t realise how important this factor is. You need to consider your career, environment and most of all yourself, as it’s you that has to live with it.

Taking all these pointers into consideration, get inked and enjoy!

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