The emphatic king’s of electronics are set to return to the top of the music scene with their first studio album since 2010.

A discography that has been perfectly paralleled with their massive summer schedule, will see the duo release the album named ‘Born in the Echoes’ on July 17th. With huge stage’s looking to be set alight, the lad’s will be performing memorable shows at Glastonbury and sonar festival, not forgetting Isle of White’s Bestival. This summer is surely going to be a scorching return for The Chemical Brothers.

An array of sounds driven from the track list really poses the two’s dynamic abilities and we’re going to witness some of the best sounds to date. From all round acid euphoria to an ambient distortion, ‘Born in the Echoes’ will send you on a journey you will not want to leave and with that, never want to stop listening.

The twosome have collaborated alongside some of the industries giants including the soulful Beck and rap’s legendary Q-Tip and because of the variety, they are pushing some unique sounds. 5 year’s on from their ‘Further’ album, The Chemical Brothers have clearly been knuckling down behind the scene’s and by doing so; they’ve come back stronger than ever before.

Named as one of the most influential and recognisable act’s of the electronic music world, the dynamic duo are showcasing some real talent. With an eleven track album on the horizon, the boy’s have it all in their hands and in that; they build on what they’ve already achieved. The ability to come back and generate more solid music is outstanding, and you do not want to miss out on this piece of technological history.

The track list goes like this and if you’re yet to listen to any of the works, you can check out the first piece of the album below…
1. Sometimes I Feel So Deserted
2. Go (featuring Q-Tip)
3. Under Neon Lights (featuring St. Vincent)
4. EML Ritual (featuring Ali Love)
5. I’ll See You There
6. Just Bang
7. Reflexion
8. Taste of Honey
9. Born In The Echoes (featuring Cate Le Bon)
10. Radiate
11. Wide Open (featuring Beck)