Jamie T has unveiled a brand new track coming off the back of his latest ‘Magnolia Melancholia’ EP and it’s certainly not one to be missed.

The single labelled ‘Marilyn Monroe’ is just one of a few from his fresh EP, which is set to be released next week on the 6th April. Now with three albums already under the belt, this year is set to be one of the vocalist’s landmarks.

Not only is Jamie delivering an epic music collective but he is currently globe trotting Europe on tour. He has also rocked crowds whilst headlining BBC 6’s Music festival in February; even better still, the Brit is set to play prolific sets at the UK’s most renowned festivals such as Reading and Leeds.

Earlier this year, the Indie star took to the NME awards and was not only one of the most nominated, but also deservedly walked away with three awards. These included ‘Best Track’, ‘Best Video’ and also ‘Musical Moment of the Year’ for his return last year.

Influenced by his somewhat moody and mesmerising style, the EP highlights Jamie’s ability to connect with emotion through music. It’s undeniable that from the first track ‘Don’t you Find’ to his newest track ‘Marilyn Monroe’ that he’ll draw you in and hypnotise you with his dream like sounds.

Daring to go to new levels and generate his unique sound even further, the singer/songwriter has pushed new boundaries by covering cult classics. Artists such as Bran Van 3000 and The Replacements have had their anthems revamped with Jamie’s sound, giving the EP that little bit extra above rival artists.

Recent success of the twenty-nine year old genius hasn’t gone unnoticed with The Sunday Times Culture and NME praising the songster; to name a few quotes they said ‘The third album was such unanswerable brilliance’ and also ‘an inspired modern breakdown album’.

If you’re yet to hear any work from Jamie T’s new EP, check out his latest single ‘Marilyn Monroe’ here…