Matt and Kye joined to form Gorgon city in 2012 and in the short years since they merged they have had unprecedented success in both the UK and around the world. 2015 is set to be a massive one for the guys, hitting the festival circuit abroad with Coachella in the USA, Hideout in Croatia plus many more still to be announced in the UK. We caught up with the guys whilst they were touring our home town of Norwich to chat breaking the law, playing live and ones to watch this summer!

I think this is your fourth visit to Norwich in four years through your various guises, what is it about our fine city that you enjoy and like the most?
Matt- It’s always nice playing smaller cities, there is a local vibe about the smaller cities and everyone’s always having a good time. I always like playing smaller, more intimate venues, and you get those clubs in the smaller cities.
Kye- We’ve played Hideout (club in Norwich) quite a few times and we love that because it’s almost like a house party. When we play in the smaller, intimate places it always feels like a lot of people know each other and that’s pretty cool.

Your tour was officially a sold out one, how does that make you feel and what does that mean for the future?
Matt- It’s mad because when we found out that the tour was all sold out I didn’t really think about what it would actually be like. It really is the most incredible experience because we work really hard on the live shows, we’ve toured for a while doing DJ sets around the world but it feels like we have now made the show as good as it can be. It definitely feels like we’ve achieved something, it’s quite amazing.
Kye- When you start to really think about it, like the crowds and stuff, you do get goose bumps! It’s a different experience to playing in a club because everyone who has bought tickets to the tour, bought them to see our show! We feel really proud of it, building up the show and seeing the reactions and the feedback we’ve been getting. It kind of makes it all seem worth it.

You seem quite humbled by it?
Matt- I suppose so, it kicks in when you’re chilling, like on a train or something. When there’s the ‘working’ part of it all, when we sound check, and do all the preparation, you’re not thinking about what it actually feels like, but the shows are always absolutely insane.

Your fantastic music takes influences from House, Garage, Pop, Drum & Bass etc, what’s the music like in your head and where does your heart really lie?
Matt- Our influences are all the stuff we grew up with really…
Kye- When we first started working together we both had similar musical upbringings, listening to Jungle and Drum & Bass a lot. I spent most of my teen years listening to almost purely that but also Garage, Grime, House a bit later on.
Matt- For me, a lot of it sounds quite Garagey, but then the baselines have got that element of House and are melodic. The melodies are quite deep, but then it has an uplifting vibe so, I don’t know, it’s a bit weird. You don’t really think about your own songs, you just do it and you don’t think ‘that sounds like that or that sounds like this’.

Some people are already calling you the new Chase and Status of the festival scene, how does that rank in your long list of accolades?
Matt- To see our names in big letters at festivals, that’s definitely a pretty crazy thing to see. Also, when we see our positioning on some of the line ups for this summer, it’s pretty crazy. You know, we’ve only been making tunes as Gorgon City for a couple of years, so it all happened very quickly.

What makes you most proud about what you have achieved so far?
Matt- We would have to say our tour, because the live show is kind of a demonstration of our album in a way, obviously we add a lot of other stuff to it but the tour encapsulates all the work we’ve done. Writing an album and then turning it into a live show, the tour feels like it shows it all off.
Kye- Now we’re working on the second album, when we work we’re thinking in a live sense, how would this sound live? How would we play this live? It definitely has an effect on how we make music and snowballs like that.

Some of your guest vocalists have gone on to achieve incredible highs in their, so far, short careers, who is the next future star for us to look out for?
Matt- I think Zak Abel is going to have a good year! He was on our track ‘Unmissable’. Also Sinead Harnett, she should have a good year. I also think Years and Years are going to be really big this year too. They’re going to blow up.

Sirens reached the dizzy heights of the UK top ten album charts, I’m sure you’re aware. Why do you think, people have taken to you so much this year?
Both- Dunno haha! God knows why everyone is here!

What’s your favourite post show food and tipple?
Both- Curry is always nice and straight Vodka haha! I also really like red wine…

From a personal perspective we think it’s a crime Unmissable only reached 19 in the charts, what crime would you commit if you could get away with it?
Matt- Haha! I dunno, probably to drive a Ferrari really fast all round the world kind of thing. Like really, really fast!
World domination being a matter of time, we will ever see you back in sleepy Norwich again?
Both- Yeah definitely because there’s the UEA isn’t there, so we’ll be back.