Today is Wednesday 6th May – just an ordinary day. Unlike 2nd May (When Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana) was born, or 4th May (a public bank holiday), today doesn’t seem to have anything particularly special about it… or so you’d have thought. Exactly eleven years ago today, 8.6 million people tuned in to watch the last episode of Friends, which was aired on NBC. The 6th May 2004 is therefore a vital part of history.

Want to reminisce? Here’s the Friend’s final scene. Warning: You may need your tissues at the ready!

Even though the show ended 11-years-ago, the question still remains on everyone’s lips… Will there ever be a Friends reunion? Cast members are still to this day asked whether there’s a possibility they’ll get back together and create another season. Last year, there was even a hoax circulating that the actors were coming together to mark the 20th anniversary since the TV show debuted.

Here’s what Lisa Kudrow had to say about a Friends Reunion…

Unfortunately, a reunion doesn’t look very likely. However, to cheer you up, here’s a funny Friends sketch that was shown on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ featuring Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox and Lisa Kudrow.

… and remember: there are plenty of other hilarious sitcoms out there for you to watch!

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