Some (and even himself) know him as a God, some know him as ‘the most influential artist of our time’ and others just downright despise him, all we know is, he’s called Kanye West. June the 8th of every year marks the birth of the rap master and there isn’t an anniversary gone by without him causing an array of controversial happenings. From hitting out at paparazzi to stage bombing musicians, Kanye is not one to hide his thoughts and through that, has portrayed a love/hate relationship with the world.

Often distracting us from what’s really important, Mr.West is best known for his musical talents, whether it was producing or performing, and over the years he has really delivered a chest full of gems in songs. Seeing as it’s his birthday, we thought that we’d run down our five favourite albums from the one to five and with that, include our highlight track from each one. So without further or do, he is Yeezy’s top five discographies…

1. College Drop Out
The first instalment into Kanye’s collection, College Drop Out is where he really left his mark on the music world. Featuring massive songs such as Spaceship, New Workout Plan and more, our favourite has to be Through the Wire where he rapped just days after a life changing car crash.

2. Yeezus
True to his style, Yeezus stunts West’s new and experimental style in which he pushes boundaries. Hate it or love it, it’s a brave move to change the industry from the way we know it and because of that, this album got rave reviews. The highlight tracks have to be Bound 2 and Black Skinhead.

3. My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy
With some phenomenal collaborations as well as huge solo tracks, MBDTF is again critically acclaimed. The album even has its own short movie to link up with All of the Lights and it just expresses Kanye’s creativity to the next level. From Runaway to Hell of a Life, and Blame Game to Monster, it would be a hard push to choose a favourite but Gorgeous is our pick for chosen gold.

4. Late Registration
Released back in 2005, Late Registration was the second release into the long list of Kanye albums and at this point, he really became a big name in Hip Hop. After wearing polo’s and back packs, West picked up his style and so to, his music. Tracks from this album seem to be his most world known as it posters Gold Digger, Heard ‘Em Say and Touch the Sky but our top choice goes to Roses.

5. 808’s and Heartbreaks
Another spike on the chart, 808’s takes a whole new spin onto the world of Yeezy. This was more of a singer/songwriter joint and it was drowned in electronic drops. Most known for its tunes Heartless and Love Lockdown, it can only be said that they are the highlight tracks, as this album doesn’t reflect on Kanye’s true style.

Well, there you have it! Kanye West turns 38 and he has delivered some superlative sounds over the years. With many more in the pipeline for years to come, as well as navigational named babies, we wish him a happy birthday!!! Check out the video below if for your fix of Yeezus.