The series began in April and from then on, we were glued to our screens. There’s no doubt that this years Britain’s Got Talent has been extremely entertaining. It had every ingredient to make a successful television show. There’s great chemistry between the judges – media mogul Simon Cowell, singer Alesha Dixon, Comedian David Walliams and TV presenter, Amanda Holden; there’s been a range of highly talented acts and there’s been rather a lot of sob stories featured, which we secretly love to hate. With so much talent on offer, the final on Sunday was hard to call. As usual, viewers were quick to voice their opinions of the performances on Facebook and Twitter and a couple of the acts have caused rather a lot of controversy…

Magician Jamie Raven wowed judges on Sunday night with his ability to correctly guess which card Simon Cowell had chosen out of a complete deck. As if that wasn’t impressive enough, he then left the foursome completely bewildered when he somehow managed to place a piece of paper with Alesha Dixon’s autograph on it inside a lemon. Check out his impressive performance:

No one can argue that his trick was immensely skilful and everyone in the studio seemed to be totally oblivious to how he managed to execute such a phenomenal illusion. However, judging by Twitter, it appeared some viewers weren’t so unaware of Jamie’s secret. One commented, ”Am I the only one who saw Jamie Ravens hand at the bottom on the lemon when the note came out… there was a big hole through the lemon.” However, some were quick to his defence stating, ”Can’t believe people are moaning about there being a hole in the lemon; It’s an illusion! If you think magic’s real go to Hogwarts.”

Jamie’s not the only act to cause a stir, the winners of the show, Jules O’Dwyer and her dog, Matisse, who beat Jamie by just 2.2%, have also caused a bit of an uproar. Matisse stunned the audience when he managed to balance himself and walk across a tightrope. However, it has now been revealed that it wasn’t in fact Matisse who did this, but a stunt dog. This has led viewers to question whether or not the duo are worthy winners. Have a look at their act and see what you think:
Regardless of these acts causing debates to break out across the nation, we still think they were both highly entertaining and worthy finalists. Well done Jamie and Congratulations Jules and Matisse!