Interview Conducted By Angie Quinn

Between the tender adolescent ages of 11 and 16, Calvin Goldspink was a member of successful British pop group S Club 8. Now grown-up and at 26 years old, Calvin is back in the musical sphere marvelling a fresh, alternative sound, and kindly gives us an insight into his music career…

Already a star on BBC Introducing, Calvin’s sound transmits a natural talent within his own personal right, writing all music self-reliantly along with singing and playing the guitar, Calvin says, “I like the freedom to express myself and showcase my own music, it’s very rewarding. I have had a lot of time to grow into a creative musician. I enjoy a wide musical spread all containing a range of diverse musical influences, and crafting music people want to hear,” and it shows.

Calvin’s EP The Lemon Tree was released late last year after working with producer Robb Torres. The album comprising of five distinctive, fresh tracks, includes a song entitled ‘Superman’, which flaunts flawless vocals, and incorporates a general feel good factor, providing a crisp composition to the alternative scene, “I’m currently working on a new EP, which I hope to drop nearing the end of this year.

“Being patient when creating new music is key for me. I focus a lot of attention on writing my music, I don’t perform a track straight after creating it. Good music takes time.”

Calvin has also had a successful acting career,including a regular spot on television show Life is Wild for CW/Paramount in Los Angeles, however music is currently his main enthusiast. When even just talking to Calvin, his genuine passion for music just naturally trickles out, “when performing, I like seeing the audiences reaction to my songs. Music is powerful to people and integral to their lives.” Calvin appears humble when it comes to people receiving his tunes and loves the fact his music can make a difference.

Calvin is a natural when both creating and performing music. He has an edgy sound, good look and a fantastic attitude towards his music career. He is has the whole package and is a definite talent to watch.

Calvin will be performing live on 1 August 2015 alongside hip-hop duo Rizzle Kicks at Thorpe Park. Calvin has a host of gigs coming up in the near future.

Lemon Tree is available to download on iTunes.

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