Not too long ago a rapper named Meek Mill began to play with fire; a flame so big that it has not only burnt him once, but has scorched him for life. He thought it’d be a good idea to call out the Canadian bar spitter, Drake, by saying he doesn’t write his own lyrics, but boy how wrong was he.

Like a child that has to get disciplined twice, Meek has felt the full force of hip hop wisdom by feeling the back end of Mr. OVO’s blazing sound, and with that, has been eating diss tracks for days. From securing his spot on Apple’s Beats 1 Radio, Drizzy has dropped some obscene exclusives over the past few days, and at a closure inspection, they are just a slap in the face to Mill.

So, what is Meek going to come back with? Can he regain any credit after Drake has literally put him to the ground? His album has just been released, so he surely should have been concentrating on that, rather than spitting bullets at Drake, but all we know is, he’s going to have to come back with something soon otherwise he’ll end up in the barrel.

We don’t want this to stop and it’s providing some top entertainment for the social media world, so keep at it lads and keep the tracks coming. At the minute it’s 2-0 Drake and the sounds are decent too; you’ve got to love celebrity beef haven’t you?

Check out Drake’s second diss track ‘Back to Back’ below…