Following the release of his brand new, banging tune ‘Rio’, we caught up with worldwide DJ, Netsky in a chat about his music so far! From what he brings to a party, to our mum loving his anthem, here is what he had to say…

So tell us about Rio! What do you like best about your new track?
I wanted to make a real summer song. Rio is heavily inspired by some of the drum & bass I was listening when I first got into the genre. I like to think of Rio as a feel good –‘you only live once’ track. Digital Farm Animal’s vocal on this track really fit this mindset too I think.

You’ve travelled all over the world! Is that what inspired the song?
Absolutely! I’ve only recently visited Brazil for the first time but it was very inspiring. I love listening to local music when I travel and I had a Samba / Bossa nova soundtrack on for my trip.

What message are you trying to give with your music?
I want to write music that is beautiful, energetic and refreshing. Each song brings a different story for me. Rio is about not settling and having fun, while I have another song on my album that reflects family and my home. I really want the story behind a track to be truthful and personal.

What are your big influences as an artist?
I’ve always loved soulful music. I love a great voice and a beautiful chord progression.

The SPG can’t get enough of the video! We even sent it to our mum! Do you miss your mum when you’re on tour?
I hope she likes it! I’m quite good with being away from home even when I’m on my own but there are days where I do miss my family and simple stuff like my mom’s cooking.

Rio has a wonderfully relaxed feel to it. A perfect party song! If you were If you were coming to a party at our house, what type of crisps would you bring?
I don’t think I’ve ever brought food to a party. But I always try to bring a nice bottle of red wine.

What is the best thing about touring all over the world?
It’s the feeling of freedom. And the opportunity to make friends and meet people everywhere. I believe having friends in different cultures all over the planet is the biggest richness you could have.

Best place you played at this summer?
I loved playing Balaton Sound in central Hungary. We had one of the best crowds I’ve seen in the last couple of years.

Have you ever actually teamed up with a cartoon pig and had crazy adventures in Brazil, or that just creative licence?
The pig represents Digital Farm Animals, the singer who uses a pig as his logo! And I did have some great adventures with him 🙂

Who would win in a fight, The Terminator or Darth Vader?
Skynet always wins 😉

Interview by Jack Shannon