It’s no doubt that Skepta is massive on the UK grime scene, and with a whopping following of over 500,000 on Facebook, it’s clear there are going to be some fan boys. However, none are as mad as the fanatic follower that was unveiled yesterday.

A lad named Liam Scott took the term fan for life to a whole new level and with that, got a tattoo of Skepta’s name. Not just a tattoo anywhere, but on his pelvis. But that’s not all, he screen grabbed the serious after math that took place, and it was hilarious and heartbreaking at the same time.

Immediately, he messaged across to his girlfriend letting her know of his antics, only to then get #Shutdown in true style. It’s safe to say she wasn’t impressed and ended the relationship instantly but Liam didn’t seem to mind too much.

He flashed the ink across to Skepta in a picture on twitter, when he was resurrected with hope after Skeppy said ‘There is plenty more fish in the sea bro’. Boy Better Know this was a gutsy move and in the future, this guy is definitely going to be telling people ‘It Ain’t Safe’ to play about with tattoos.

Check out Skepta – Shutdown below to see why Liam went BBKrazy…