Fresh from the set of Geordie Shore, Charlotte Crosby is set to unleash her new book ‘Me, Me, Me’ onto the world tomorrow. So in celebration of that, the reality star took a minute out of her schedule to chat to us about her weight loss, Tasche on Tours in Zante and what we can expect in her autobiography…

Hi Charlotte! How are you doing?
I’m hungry. Yeah, I’m hungry, that’s the only emotion I’m feeling right now.

Breakfast time isn’t it?
Well it’s past breakfast time. It’s actually nearing lunch time and I haven’t had any breakfast.

Brunch!? Brunch is crap, I’d rather just have lunch or breakfast.

Brilliant! So you’re autobiography ‘Me Me Me’ is out tomorrow, how excited are you about that? We can’t wait to read it!
Yeah, I’m excited about it! It’s all about me self so that’s quite cool isn’t it?

You’ve also claimed that it’s going to be bigger than the bible. Does this mean that we’ll be praying to the church of Charlotte soon?
Yes, it does! I’m planning on opening a church actually, anyone can come. But I also read the passages of the bible there, so I’m not trying to put a dampener on the bible, I’m just saying that if my book and the bible were in competition, mine would win, but in the church of Charlotte, we do study the works of the Lord.

Instead of bread and wine, it could have bacon rolls and jager bombs, and because it’s a Sunday, it’d be a sin to go in not hungover? What do you reckon?
YES! Double cheese burgers and jager bombs! And instead of praying we’d do dances! I don’t think we’d have it on a Sunday because everyone would be hungover. It would have to be on a Friday night and we’d have pre drinks in the church, and then you head out.

Sounds good! So, what sort of stuff can we expect to see in the book?
It’s just funny, it’s fun and I’d like to think it’ll make people laugh. It’s light hearted and obviously you know I don’t take myself too seriously! I’m gunna be very honest in there and I think its gunna be a good read for a summer holiday to have you laughing by the pool.

We saw that Lorraine Kelly gave you a bit of grilling on her show the other day. That was a bit unfair?
Yeah, well it was a bit awkward but she was really nice after filming. I don’t really know what got into her, I don’t know why she acted like that, and it was just weird.

Your twitter army got on her case afterwards though didn’t they?
Oh, she got so much backlash, I felt sorry for her in the end.

Is there any confidential information on the parsnip that Geordie Shore fans can get on?
I think there are a few things that people might not know but yeah, obviously I talk about him. There is a whole chapter called ‘The Parsnip’ people will be glad to know.

Moving aside from ‘Me Me Me’, you’ve clearly lost a lot of weight and you’re looking great! Have you got any weight loss tips for all our students out there?
Exercise in the morning before you’ve had your breakfast, that way you are burning pure fat. Only eat lots of carbohydrates like sweet potato and porridge on a day where you know you’re going to be doing exercise, if you’re not doing any exercise, just don’t bother having any. Have salad, veg and meat because you don’t need that energy, you’re not using it. And have a lot of protein; if you get hungry late at night have a protein based snack because it takes more calories to digest protein than anything else, so whilst you’re sleeping you’re actually burning calories.

Do you still diet in the Geordie Shore house or do you find it hard? I always find it hard to resist temptation when I’m drunk, haha!
It’s really hard! I drink all the time and I eat all the time, it’s kind of like my job so I can’t go in there and sit on my a**e being a boring f***er. When everyone is sitting there with a pizza, I can’t sit there with a piece of lettuce. Like, when I go into Geordie shore I keep my diet and my exercise separate but I try to exercise as much as I can. I try not being as a bad as I can but I class it as a month long holiday!

You’ve just filming series 11 which was in Laganas in Zante? Did you guys have fun out there?
It was all over Greece but it was amazing, Greece is such an amazing place, I’m definitely going to go back there on me holidays!

I actually walked past on the beach where you and Marnie were filming one day! It was very surreal I must admit!
Did you?!? What the hell, that is so weird! That would have been our last couple of days filming cos me and Marnie had the last work shift at work. So we were at work doing ‘Tasche on Tours’ on the beach and it was the last shift. We had sooo much fun with loads of sex games and stuff, and we were absolutely mortal by the end of it! We went down the beach a little bit and went to a little bar, had loads of shots and ended up talking about loads of things we regretted afterwards!

Haha! We had some massive security guard telling us about where to walk and I didn’t have a clue what was going on, then I turned around and saw you filming on the beach!
That’s hilarious! Oh my god! You should have came and said hi man!

Not only Zante, but the show has taken you all over the world, so where would you say was your favourite location?
Definitely Mexico! Mexico was amazing, it was our first trip abroad, so we were all getting excited and we didn’t know what to expect. It was just so new and just so amazing; it was one of the best experiences of my life. I love Mexico and I’ve wanted to go back ever since, and I still haven’t managed to which really annoys me!

In comparison, how was the Celeb Big Brother house to that? Congrats on winning by the way!
Big Brother was hard because you’re just totally segregated from everyone you love and you haven’t got a clue to what’s going on, on the outside world. It’s quite stressful at times but it was a great experience, I met a load of amazing people and I’m grateful for doing it!

Have you got any other reality shows up your sleeve soon then? How about Charlotte Crosby on ice?
I would love to do Dancing on Ice! I’d love to do them all to be honest and I’d love to try everything, but I haven’t been asked to do them and I’m not getting me hopes up.

Finally, if you had to sum up your book in three words, what would you choose?
Hilariously honest and fun!

Brilliant! Thanks Charlotte! It’s been a real pleasure chatting to you and I wish you the best of luck with your new book and series 11 of Geordie Shore!
Thanks for having me! Bye!