The 67th annual Emmy awards have been scheduled to take place on the 20th September in Los Angeles, and they’ll be hosted by comedian Andy Samberg. Thursday, the established reward ceremony revealed their list of nominations and it’s no surprise to some of the television gems they’ve unveiled to be fighting for the trophies.

Everyone in the industry wants to win a golden statue one day but with series and shows at an all time peak, it’s going to be a serious competition to bag one. Lighting up our telly sets for the past year and a bit, we’ve witnessed some amazing spectaculars including Better Call Saul with Bob Odenkirk, House of Cards and its mind bending tacticians, and who can forget Orange is the New Black’s amazing third series?

But who will come out as top of the television scene? Game of Thrones are definitely up for bagging a few winners as they have been nominated for a whopping 24 awards! After recently polishing off the fifth series with a cliff hanger big enough to make you cry, George RR. Martin will be pushing his pencil through to add more books to the collection, as the show has finally caught him up. Will they step into new territory for the sixth series? Or will Martin dust of the page turners before they can get any further with production? A shout out has to go to HBO, who have received a great amount of nominations overall, highlighting why they are leading team in television (126 nominations to be exact).

So it’s Spacey vs. Odenkirk, Jon Snow against Mad Men, but who will come out on top? One thing is for sure, this is going to be a great event in TV history, and with the way shows are going at the moment, we can only look forward to more quality television in the future! Here’s to sitting on our bums and completing the world’s longest TV marathon! Cheers!