It’s the TV moment the whole nation has been waiting for, an event so big that not even an X Factor final can live up to its hype and that my friends, is the return of the Great British Bake Off. Whisking our evening delights once again, Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood are back in a sixth series to put our nation’s master bakers to the test in an all new cooking spectacle.

From wobbly French meringues to loose bottom tarts, there will be blunders and tears, as well as ecstasy and jubilation. However, one thing is for sure, and the thing that won’t ever change is the fact that the tasters will always get a good filling, be it bad or good! As of August the 5th, our Wednesday nights won’t ever be the same again (or at least for a few months) and what’s more, it gives you the weekend to put your skills from the show to the test by creating some culinary sweets for your friends.

So, why do we love the show? Well three things. Firstly, people are essential creating food heaven right in front of your eyes, so what’s not to enjoy? Its tasty cakes and sweet treats galore! Secondly, we witness other people disintegrate on national television. I think as a group and a country, everyone get’s pleasure out of reaction to failure, and when they really lose their rag, you can’t help but laugh. And finally, Mary and Paul. You can’t help but adore these two; they’re truly making their way to being Britain’s sweet hearts of food and genuinely remind us of a trip to Grannies house.

Apron up and watch on, as this year’s madness in the tent unfolds, and who knows, if you work hard enough, maybe even you can have a crack at being a future bake star. If you’re yet to catch any of the nation’s favourite cooking show, check out the video of Mary and Paul looking for soggy bottoms below…