Who’d have thought it? The way we know X Factor today, will never be the same again and it’s not because the rules or judges are changing, but because the voice of the show is leaving. Although we never see his face, and highly take him for granted, Peter Dickinson is THE voice behind the curtain and you’ll definitely recognise it.

The 58 year old took to twitter to stun us after eleven years of announcing, that he will be cutting loose and dropping out of the show. From bellowing names out in a deep and attentive tone, to hooking us with his catchy vocal, Peter will be sorely missed and I don’t believe watching it will ever feel the same again.

But who can we expect to follow in his vocal footsteps? Will it be a comedic fun bag like Keith Lemon? Or maybe even another gripping and warm caller? All we know is, he or she will have a tough job ahead and they better be warming up the chords now if they want to be as good as Peter.

Our favourite shouts from the man have to be his famous ‘Racheeeeeeel Adedejiiiii’ and also ‘It’s time to face the music’, so is this really the beginning of the end for the show? With the new series soon to kick off, we hope we can have him for this last year, but until then, we’ll have to wait and see!

Check out the clip below to see Peter playing innuendo bingo…