Unfortunately, nowadays, it seems we live in a rather shallow, fickle society, whereby we only see perfectly, generic airbrushed models on the front cover of our magazines. Those who have disabilities are rarely represented. However, an aspiring young woman is helping to change this for the better…

Madeline Stuart, 18 has recently been booked for her first modelling assignment with Manifesta, a company who specialise in workout clothes.

The beautiful Australian, who has Down syndrome, wanted to change others perceptions of the condition and dreamt of becoming a model. She regularly posted pictures of herself modelling her own clothes to her 39,000 followers and was eventually spotted by Manifesta.

Now, Madeline is involved in Manifestas new advertising campaign and can be seen modelling their latest fitness range and it seems Madeline and Manifesta are a perfect team. They both have similar ideas when it comes to beauty, as instead of being individually sized, each item of Manifestas clothing has unique measurements, so that customers can choose the perfect fit for them.

This stunning young lady is certainly an inspiration to us all, well done Madeline!

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