They’ve had a busy summer performing at various festivals, but we were lucky enough to steal a quick moment with Dr Meaker, as we discussed broken toes, their hugely successful track, ‘Freaks’ and their upcoming album…

Hey guys! Thanks for talking to us today. How’re you all doing?
Hello, yes, we are all fine thanks.

What have you guys been up to recently? We know it was your drummer, Tom Wheelers, birthday on 1st August. Did you guys do anything to celebrate?!
We have been busy working on the new album and yes,Tom had a quiet one this year with his good lady.

It also appears that one of you has been a tad clumsy recently. One of you guys tweeted, ‘Broke another toe!’ Who’s been breaking their toes what happened?!
Clive broke another toe… small one this time though, so no toot much to worry about. He walked into a breeze block with no shoes on… Schoolboy error!

Your Twitter bio also tell us that you’re currently, ‘Writing an album!’ How’s the production process going and how would you describe the album?
The process is always very long for Clive, who is the producer of the band. Clive likes to build up the layers over a period of time, like an artist who does similar – scratching away at surfaces and then repainting etc, until the composition is finished.  We have most of the vocals recorded and now it’s just a case of adding all the finishing touches and the mixdowns.

Do you guys all tend to agree on which tracks should be put forward for an album? Are there ever any disagreements?
Everyone knows when a track is cooking and if that’s the case then it will be put forward for the album.  We all have similar quality control, so it’s good that we are usually always on the same page vibewise.  There haven’t been a significant disagreements abut the music.

Are you able to tell us when the album is going to be released?!
Hopefully early 2016… hopefully!

You’re with, ‘Circus Records.’ What’s it like being part of their label? Do they give you guys a lot of freedom to do what you want musically?
It’s really good.  We are still in the early days with Circus. We are looking forward to seeing what they can do for us and how they can increase our profile and presence, especially with the live band, as that is our strongest selling point in my opinion.  There is an “A&R process”, but yes, they have to let us get on with it, as we are the ones writing the music.  I believe labels would be unwise to try to mess with that side of things, otherwise what’s the point of signing an artist? Working together is the best way.  Unless it’s a Cowell scenario, which it isn’t!  We wouldn’t be happy to sign to a label that didn’t give us the freedom to do what we have trained and love to do.

We love your track, ‘Freaks’ ft Cappo D and Sharlene Hector, which was released on 12th April.  It’s a real feel-good, summery tune! Was that your intention for the track and how did this collaboration come about?
The track came about when Clive and Cappo were doing a remix for another artist and then they realised they had a great original track, so decided to sack off the remix and keep working on their collaboration. The track is about letting go and partying – simple stuff really.

The track has been a real hit with fans and has received over 250,000 plays on YouTube alone. Why do you think this song in particular has been so successful?
Cos its uplifting and has wicked vocals.

Speaking of summer, you guys have been really busy, having played at Glastonbury Festival, The Godney Gathering with UB40, Oyster Festival and more! How was it performing at all these events? Do you have a favourite?
It was brilliant performing at these… the band has never been better. Glastonbury was buzzing, but Godney was probably the best gig of the year. One of those rare occasions when everything just goes off. Loved it!

We’re a student magazine aimed at University students and we’ve heard that you guys met through University! Is this true? Which University did you guys go to and did you all study music-related degrees?
We went to Bath Spa University,  Bristol Uni, and BIMM (Bristol). Everyone studied music except Sam (Geographical politics) and Laurent (Anatomy).

Do you have any tips for students who’re members of bands at University?
I just found that being at Uni gave me breathing space (without having to work a day job) to get better at making music. So use your time wisely and don’t party too hard, as you might not get another chance to develop your talents in the “real world”.

Obviously you’ve had a really busy summer, but what can we expect from you guys later on in the year? What’s next for Dr Meaker?
Our next single “Good Fight feat. Laurent John” is just hitting the airwaves (Radio 1 etc) so keep an ear out for that and please go pre-order it ( album is out main focus so hold tight for that! Much love.

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