Are you a fan of tattoos? Perhaps you already have lots of body inkings, or maybe, like many of us, you’ve secretly always been tempted. Well, now a new kind of tattoo is on the scene and it’s all thanks to one very talented artist…

We can barely walk down the street nowadays without seeing a tattoo on show. From full arm sleeves, to cute, dainty ones on your wrist, it seems they’re everywhere. Here at the SPG, we’re a big lover of body art, but it seems more often than not, we’re seeing a recurring theme when it comes to the inkings. Anchors, feathers, infinity loops, whatever it may be, most tattoos are completely black and if they are a bit more vibrant, they tend to feature one, maybe two colours and certainly aren’t in the style of a watercolour painting.

Watercolour painting? Since when is a tattoo in the style of a watercolour painting? Well, Czech artist, Ondrej Konupcik has come up with this beautiful idea and his tattoos are simply captivating. For years it’s been argued that tats are, ‘works of art’ and no one proves this theory more than Ondrej. The 31-year-old uses a range of bright colours, ink splatters and brush stokes to create his innovative pieces and if that wasn’t impressive enough, he even draws the tattoo directly on to the skin!

Completely awe-inspiring, right? The only downside? If you want a tattoo done by Mr Konupcik, you have rather a long time to wait. In order to have enough time for his clients, Ondrej only sees one person a day. This, combined with his popularity, means the talented artists has already clocked up a two year waiting list. However, on a positive note, why not book a tattoo with Ondrej for 2018?

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