Girls! Fancy mixing up your look this Autumn with a new hairdo? Then don’t go anywhere because we’ve got some of the hottest hair-trends for you right here! Whether you want to keep it subtle, or go for something a bit more daring, rest assured, we’ve got it covered…

1. It’s all about colour
Lets kick things off with something for the bold ones amongst you. There’s nothing more in at the moment than, ‘rainbow hair.’ Forget conventional blondes and browns, this look involves perfect pastels. Think light pink, lilac, pale blue and turquoise – this combination makes a beautiful blend! You could do a Kyle Jenner and dye your whole head of hair in one of these colours, or you could have a blend of tones running through. If you’re looking for a more subtle look, but still want something vibrant, why not add a strip of colour at the front of your locks?

2. They say naturals best
Here’s an alternative colour option for you. Lets go back to the safer blonde and brunette tones shall we?                 After all, they are classic. How could we comply this list of hairstyles without mentioning the gorgeous                     ombre? This look consists of a darker colour at the top and gets lighter towards the middle and end of the               hair. What’s great about this look is you can dodge having to get your roots touched up frequently – result!

3. Meet bob
Ok ladies. here us out. We know many of you may wince at the thought of getting anything more than an                 inch cut of your luscious locks, but bobs are currently bang on trend! Gone are the days when having the                 longer hair, the better, it’s time to shorten things up! Now we’re not talking chin length, we’re                                   talking a long bob (down to your collar bone). Having a shorter style will make your hair look thicker and it’s         also healthy for your locks to have a good chop every now and again too!

4. Perfect for a bad hair day
Don’t want a colour change or a chop? Fear not, you can still change up your hair look with an accessory and         we think there’s nothing cuter than a bandanna hair band! Team it with a messy bun on a bad hair day and           you’ll be looking as cute as a button!

So there you have it! You’ll be turning heads in no time 😉

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