Oh childhood… those were the days. All we wanted to do back then was grow up and now we have, we’d do anything to revert back to our younger selves. So lets reminisce with 14 TV shows all us 90’s kids will remember…

These programmes are all absolute classics and simply hearing the theme tune to these shows takes us right back to being kids.

Note: The quality of some of these clips isn’t great, but then what do you expect when they were recorded so long ago? We think the quality adds to their charm.

1. Barney

2. Tracey Beaker

3. Come Outside

4. Arthur

5. Bananas In Pyjamas

6. Rugrats

7. The Teletubbies

8. Clifford The Big Red Dog

9. 50/50

10. Art Attack

11. The Queen’s Nose

12. ChuckleVision

13. Bear in the Blue House

14. Recess

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