Ok ladies, hands up if you stick to having the same hairstyle day in, day out… yup, just as I’d expected, that’s pretty much all of us. So if you’re a bit bored of your locks and want to try something a bit fancier – you’re in the right place.

Whether you smooth your hair over with straighteners, add volume to it with curling tongs, or simply go for the messy bun look, we can guarantee these are looks you’ve done 1,000 times over. Of course it’s tempting to stick to your roots (excuse the pun), but why not try something a bit different? Something that’s going to make your friends ask, ”How did you do that with your hair?!”

Well thanks to fab YouTube tutorials, you can follow step-to-step visual guides on how to create styles that were once only performed in the salon. So here are our top 5 fancy hairstyles that we think you should give ago…

As it’s all about the braid this season, all of our styles feature different braid-do’s for you to try, but don’t worry, if you’re an avid lover of the messy bun, we’ve included a hairstyle for you! Oh and if you have short hair, fear not… you can still have a braid!

1. Rope Braided Half-Up Half-Down Hairstyle

2. Topsy Tail Braid

3. Crown Braid & Messy Bun

4. Milkmaid Braid For Short Length Hair

5. Diagonal Bow Braid

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