At 10am on Tuesday morning, our dreams of a Busted comeback became a reality, as it was announced that Charlie Simpson was rejoining the three piece for a massive British tour in May 2016 next year. Needless to say the youth of yesteryear went crazy, myself shamefully included! I couldn’t wait to buy my tickets to finally see my favourite band of my youth and scream along to Year 3000.

But sadly, my dreams were crushed today when I took a glance at the ticket prices… I couldn’t believe my eyes.

The prices stand at:

All prices include processing fees from Ticketmaster

Meet and Greet + Front Standing package = £256.50

Front Standing package = £156.50

Meet and Greet and seated ticket = £165

Seated floor = £47.30

Seated tiers = £43.10

Now, don’t get me wrong, the standard seated ticket prices aren’t extortionate in the slightest (I’ve paid £50 just to see The Prodigy this month), but the meet and greet and standing package? £265.50?!

I loved Busted to death when I was younger, but I am highly reluctant to pay these prices. As a student myself, it’s just not logical to spend that amount of money to become a teeny bopper for the night.

However, to give the band their due this pricing decision is almost definitely nothing to do with them. They’re three genuine lads who probably just want to relive their youth and bring their old fans along for the ride with them. Whatever the prices stand at, I’m sure it won’t affect the attendance of the tour. I’m sure it will be an amazing spectacle to witness.

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