Many of us have been anticipating the release of the new John Lewis ad and it’s finally here for us all to see! Who’d have thought we’d be excited to see an advert?

Most of the time adverts bore us silly and we can’t wait for them to end so that we can get back to watching our programme, but there’s one advert that’s different to all the rest.

Last year our hearts were captured by Monty the penguin (reminisce by seeing John Lewis’ 2014 ad below)

And this years storyline seems to be just as good. The ad is about a young girl called Lily who happens to look through her telescope one evening and see a man on the moon. She noticed that he seemed rather sad and alone, so determined to make his Christmas and let him know someone’s thinking of him, she sends him a gift.

Check out their new advert. Just a warning though – you may cry!

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