It may be a very controversial trend, but you can’t deny that the man bun has taken off! Love them or hate them, they’re everywhere, so let us introduce you to the latest invention – the clip-on man bun…

We can barely step out of our front doors without bumping into someone sporting a man bun and Groupon certainly noticed there was a gap in the market when they came up with their latest product invention.

If you can’t grow one yourself due to the lack of hairs on your head, or don’t want to grow one simply because you’re too impatient, Groupon have a solution to your problem!

They’ve come up with a clip-on man bun, which unsurprisingly, does what it says on the tin. Instead of having to grow your own, you can buy one of theirs made of synthetic hair for just $9.99. (The hair piece was originally $65.34, so you’re making a saving of 85%!)

The product is available in different shades so you can purchase the one closest to the colour of your locks.

What’s more, they’ve even created a YouTube video to show you how to wear it!

You may think this new idea is a bit bonkers, but what’s the harm in it?

After all, women wear hair pieces, so why can’t men?

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