During this time of the year, most people start wearing dark coloured clothing such as black, navy blue and Khaki green, so a bright coloured lipstick can make a big difference to your overall look and help brighten up your face.

I recommend lipsticks in shades of red or dark purple, however if you don’t do colour then nude lipsticks are always fine to wear, no matter what time of year it is.

Another thing to consider when buying lipsticks during this time of the year is the consistency of the lipstick; generally matte lipsticks always look best in my opinion and give the best pigmentation finish.

An example of this is Mac’s Ruby Woo, which is a bright red lipstick with cool undertones. The lipstick goes with a lot of skin tones and the colour is so rich, bright and defined.

However, during this time of year I would avoid very matte lipsticks like Mac’s Ruby Woo, as they are too matte and can easily make your lips very dry and the winter season is when they need moisture the most.

Here are my top 4 favourite winter lipsticks:

  1. A good dark red lipstick for this time of year is Topshop’s Beguiled, which is a deep red wine colour with a satin finish. The good thing about this lipstick is it’s a combination of satin and matte, which gives you a very pigmented dark red colour, yet also moisturises your lips at the same time. It’s also very smooth and easy to apply and only costs £8.
  1. Avon’s ultra colour bold lipstick called Bold Bordeaux is another hydrating lipstick with SPF 15. This lipstick is moisturising and provides super pigmented deep fuchsia lips. You can purchase this lipstick from the Avon website for only £5.50.
  1. Mac’s Cyber is a dark rich purple lipstick and has a satin finish. This lipstick is very good for lips that get dry very easily as it provides your lips with moisture and doesn’t make them dry like most matte lipsticks. You can purchase this lipstick from Mac cosmetics for £15.50.
  1. For those of you who don’t like colourful lips, Woolworths Hydrolips lipsticks have some really good quality nude lipsticks, which are formulated to hydrate your lips and contain vitamin B5. I discovered these lipsticks when I was on holiday in South Africa. Pink rouge is a very soft pink and is great for people with a lighter complexion. Coffee is another good nude lipstick and is more suitable for people with a darker complexion.
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