It’s that time of year again where it’s cold, wet and miserable. Whilst you wrap up all warm in your jumper, coat and scarf, it is easy to forget about your hair.

The harsh weather can damage your hair, making it a complete ball of frizz, and so making it harder to style and maintain (not what you want for your Christmas office party!) So here is a little bit of advice on how to beat that winter frizz…

The top shampoo I would suggest for beating frizzy hair is Aussie’s Frizz Miracle. This shampoo and conditioner pairing smells absolutely gorgeous, and works really well to keep hair sleek and smooth until your next wash. It also adds a beautiful shine to the hair, giving it that extra wow factor. However, Frizz Miracle seems to be becoming a little harder to find in small stores. If you cannot find this particular set, Aussie have also released a winter edition of their Miracle Moist, called Miracle Winter.

Smoothing Cream:
V05 have released a frizz free smoothing cream called Smoothly Does It. Simply smooth a pea sized amount of cream through your hair before blow drying for a glossy style. Not only does this cream work to keep hair smooth, but it also acts as a heat defence cream, which is definitely useful if you find yourself using more and more electrical products in your attempt to beat the frizz.

One of my top tips when taming frizzy hair is Lee Stafford’s Poker Straight Dehumidifier Spray. I find that by spraying damp hair with this spray, your hair will remain glossy and straight for a lot longer. If you decide to chose only one of the suggestions from this list, I would insist you go for this one. The Lee Stafford range can only be found on the high-street in Boots stores exclusively, it is otherwise available on Amazon and Lee Stafford’s website.

When looking for a decent hairspray the search can often be overwhelming as there are so many different brands on the shelves. Pantene Pro-V have released a range of Pantene Classic Hairsprays. In particular their Extra Strong Hold Hairspray works wonders against the wind and rain. Just give your hair a light spray all over and you are set for the rest of the day.

So there you have it. A list of products and tips to help you beat the battle with frizz this winter. Best of luck!

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