Nowadays make up has become an inseparable aspect of some girls’ lives. We are constantly being bombarded with those flawless faces on the adverts. Girls say that wearing make-up helps them to feel more confident, hide their imperfections or they just wear it for themselves. Whatever your reason is, enough is enough and you need to know the line.

I asked a few guys to check what is their opinion and the results were really surprising:

“A little make up on is ok but too much is unattractive. It’s just not pleasant. Make up might be also a lie because it covers your true you.”

What if a girl wears too much make-up?

“It’s a turn off, just door closed. However, lipsticks are fine. Just use make up to emphasize your features not to totally change the look of your face.”

Why do you think girls wear make-up?

“Girls don’t put make you just for guys. I think they do it for themselves but you need to know the line.”

If you had to choose between girl with a lot of make-up on and the bare faced one, which one would you choose?

“Definitely the one without make-up. It’s cool if a girl likes wearing make-up but fake lashes, layers of foundations, it is just unnecessary. I like to see their complexion.”

What is your favourite aspect of make-up?

“Blush! It look so girly and pretty.”

Now you know, less is more. You don’t need a lot of make-up to feel pretty.

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