1. Glitter Eyes 

Sparkles and glitter are perfect for making you look and feel festive. Using a glitter eye-shadow in red, green or silver will add glamour and glitz to your outfit at Christmas. You can also wear this as a casual look by toning down the glitter with a shimmery eye-shadow.

2. Red Lip 

The classic red lip makes any outfit sexier. Tie it in with the festive season and you have a classy and smart look. Plus, a red lip can brighten your whole face if you are feeling run down (or hungover), the red lip is a perfect combination for the holidays.

3. Winged Eyeliner 

Adding a cat eye to your makeup look can add glamour to your Christmas party outfit. If you are feeling daring you can use glitter eye-liner as a replacement from the classic black or brown.

4. Thick Brows 

The colder seasons is the perfect excuse to work the thick brow look that is massively in fashion at the moment. Use a brow gel and brush to keep the look natural while also dramatic.

5. Lip Tattoo 

You can buy lip tattoos from stores all over the web and some make-up stores. By using these you can get intricate designs on your lips to add drama and edge to your outfit. These are perfect conversation pieces for Christmas parties and other events.

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