Since the dawn of time, or the beginning of Instagram, girls have seen the luxury of long locks and wished for the same. And lately, with the man bun extravaganza, guys and girls have shared similar hair goals.

But it’s a love hate relationship, here’s five very real issues with long hair that many will sympathise with:

The Hair Scarf

Yep. It’s a thing. You might even find yourself checking the weather to see if you should put your hair up. But I’m talking about those days where the world is against you, and a gust of wind whips your hair around your neck like a tickly scarf – I’ve given in to this, and even tuck it in to my coat to complete the look.

Shedding Like an Animal

“Who’s is this hair?” almost not even a question worth asking – it’s definitely yours. There’s been moments of almost fainting putting in so much effort to hoover it up off the carpets. Perhaps you’ve even contemplated dying your hair to match your furniture and floors – it’s a possible solution – or wearing a lot of shower caps.

The Hair Seat

Similar to the hair scarf, it becomes an unwanted accessory. I can’t tell you the amount of times I’ve sat down to find my head suddenly jolting back, oops – sat on my own hair.

The Bob Debate

It may only occur once, but when it does it really takes hold. One brave soul chops off their hair in to a bob and suddenly there you are, spending endless hours on Pinterest trying to convince yourself you could pull it off too. Just wait two months maximum to see if that person regrets it, you’ll likely feel relieved you didn’t.

Putting on T-Shirts

When you have long hair and it’s down, putting on a top can result in a slightly weird experience of accidentally pushing it through your arm holes. Suddenly you find yourself looking like a spaghetti doll (remember those?!) with hair coming through all areas.

Salon Fear

“When are you getting a hair cut?” “NEVER” you scream internally. Suddenly when your hair reaches a certain length, there is no going back to risk that possible scissor-happy experience. You came too far to have it all taken away whilst you unknowingly munch on biscuits and talk about your grandparents.

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