If like me, you’ve got massive plans for the new year ahead, then you’re probably worried about where you’ll find the time do it all and look good at the same time. Help is at hand though, here are some low maintenance ways to look great this winter, without digging too much into your student finance.


Plait it up! Release your inner Katniss Evergreen by including plaits in your hairstyles this winter.

Make sure to keep the ends of your hair hidden! This is the oldest part of your hair so it needs the most protection from the wind.

For kinky Afro-Caribbean hair, massage a thin layer of castor oil through your strands before plaiting to add more moisture.


Moisturise yourself on the inside and out!

Drinking 8 cups of water is a good starting point, but it is easy to calculate the minimum amount of water you should be drinking daily.

First, Calculate your bodyweight in pounds. Then divide that number by two.

The number you get is the amount of water (in ounces) that you should be drinking every day.

But don’t just stop at water!

It’s also a good idea to moisturise your skin daily. If you have really oily skin, opt for lighter lotions and water based creams. This will add a much needed barrier between your skin and the *ahem* British weather.


Keep those tabby things that no one knows the name of away, by regularly massaging your nails with olive oil before you get into the shower.

The steam will open up the mores of your skin allowing the oils to penetrate deeper, meaning more soft nails and less.. tabby things.

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