In early 2015 beards became the ultimate fashion accessory and a large percentage of the male population are now sporting lovely shaped and well groomed facial hair. Therefore, at least some of the women who are reading this will probably live with, or spend a lot of time with someone who has … and will no doubt have certain things they wish they could change.

Read below for the best and worst of beards.

The Best:

Well, I mean is there anything sexier than a man with facial hair?

Beards ooze masculinity, even though the man wearing the beard may not. Over the years popular culture has left its mark and for a lot of people, beards are seen as the be all and end all to ‘being a man’. All I’m saying is Google pictures of Brad Pitt with and without a beard, you’ll see what I mean.

The lazy twizzle.

There’s just no denying that facial fuzz is fun to play with. Sometimes I’ll be sitting watching a film with my boyfriend and because it’s so relaxing to do I won’t notice that I’m twizzling his beard under his chin until I accidentally pull a bit too hard and he complains, (I didn’t say it was fun for him).

No two-day-old stubble rash for us!

Men who have had beards for a long period of time have already gone through the itchy and scratchy (ha, Simpsons!) stage of actually growing one, but you don’t have to put yourself through that. No painful stubble stabbing your cheeks when you go in for a kiss. No breakouts from unclean shaving. Just a big soft cushion of loveliness to nestle in to.

The Worst:

Trimming and tidying

The initial act of trimming and tidying up a beard is of course a good thing, what is not however is the mess it leaves in my bathroom sink. I am aware that beard hairs get everywhere, but please follow the lead of women who shave their legs in the bath and rinse the remains down the drain.

The “Do I, Don’ I” conversation

Nothing scares me more than baby faced men. I dread the day when my boyfriend says “I’m thinking of shaving it all off”. Beards show a bit of rebellion that standard peachy faced professional men; politicians, bankers etc just don’t have. I mean, everyone in Sons Of Anarchy has a beard right? Exactly. Rebellion.

With great power comes great responsibility

I think if men are lucky enough to be able to grow a good lot of facial hair then they should also have to keep up with it. There’s nothing less attractive than uncleanliness and being lazy in any aspects of life. An unkempt and dirty beard could be a metaphor for the rest of that person’s personality and it really does grind my gears.

With all this being said, facial hair is a personal choice and some men will have it how they like and not how women tell them to.

But please feel free to leave your opinions in the comments below. I’d say you may change my mind, but I’ve seen Ben Affleck with a beard and there is now no going back.

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