Beards have really been the ‘thing’ of 2016, rumour has it, the beard trend has actually been around for five years now and we here at The Student Pocket Guide are debating its origins. There may be some credit to give the ‘hipsters’ out there, making beards more cool rather than Grandad, (not that Grandads aren’t cool btw!).

This hairy trend is reported to be causing havoc with sales of razors, with brands like Procter and Gamble (who own Gillette and Braun) reporting a drop in earnings. There are also rumours that the more beards become popular the less attractive they will become. Beards have been doing some good in the world especially with the popularity of ‘Movember’ guys (and girls sometimes) have been getting creative with their facial hair for charity. So, before there is a decline in the beard popularity lets praise some of the best beards out there!

The gentleman’s beard:
This style goes hand in hand with a slicked hairstyle and equally as smart dress sense.

The edgy beard:
A little bit rugged, a style made famous by the hipster.

The more hair than facial hair beard:
Nail this style when you have noticeably longer locks than what is on your face. May suit those struggling to grow any facial hair.

The moustache curl:
I moustache you a question… couldn’t help ourselves. You will need a little bit more time in the morning for this one and make sure you curl it throughout the day to keep it in shape.

The Ryan Gosling:
May be a slight beard impostor, we would call this more ‘styled stubble’. Probably more acceptable in the office.

(All images sourced from Tumblr)

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