The jaw foundation line 
For those of your who don’t know what I’m on about, its the line of foundation that goes around your jaw line and makes your neck look a different colour to your face. Its not attractive … furthermore, it can make you look as though you are wearing more make up than you actually are. Guys don’t want a constant reminder that your wearing make up. You should change the colour of your foundation as the seasons change constantly matching it to the colour of your skin. You could also mix foundations together to get the perfect shade in between seasons and don’t forget to BLEND BLEND BLEND your jaw line (where your foundation stops).  In emergency cases use a little bronzer whether it be on your neck (if you have a lighter neck) or on your face (if you have a whiter face). What ever you do just don’t leave the house with that awful line its like the line of muck the bath leaves when you drain it and your wearing fake tan … but on your face.


Unsafe sun exposure 
Don’t forget to always protect yourself from the sun (even when its not particularly sunny) as the sun accelerates ageing of the skin, make up does not protect you unless you buy a foundation or bb cream with built in SPF if you don’t have any then you could lightly layer your face with some sun cream before applying your make up to help protect your skin but this doesn’t just go for face. In the warmer months we expose more skin so just make sure you protect everywhere the sun can reach.


Not washing your brushes regularly
Your make up brushes can collect dead skin cells, dust, and bacteria this can cause breakouts.  I’d say you should aim to wash your brushes about once a week make sure you wash them thoroughly until the water runs clear and when you dab them on tissue you get no transfer at all. Once you clean your brushes keep them in a safe place away from bacteria don’t let them roll around on your bedroom floor.


Falling asleep with your make up on
Probably my No1 beauty no no I used to do this when I was like 18 and had been out partying all night I’d get home and just couldn’t be bothered so I’d just jump in bed how I was, the thought now makes me cringe. Taking off my make up has got to be my least favourite things to do in the world I literally hate it (if I was rich id pay for a make up remover-er) BUT I still religiously remove all my make up every night before bed no matter how much it makes me want to cry that I’m so tired and cant be bothered. I watched a programme a few years ago called 10 years younger (I think) and on it they said there was studies that proved one night of sleeping with your make up on could age your face by up to 8 days … EIGHT DAYS!! Another important thing to remember is that naturally every night your skin goes through a healing process which can be interrupted by going to sleep with a dirty face.


Just baby wiping it off
Simply removing your make up with just a baby wipe is a no no! A lot of people only use baby wipes to take their make up off because their to busy or to tired to take it off properly. You may think that you’ve got it all off because you’ve gone through 4 baby wipes and now nothings coming off onto the wipe but your wrong, I can guarantee you if you then go and get a cleanser and a cotton pad and wipe your face you will be shocked at how much make up is still in the pores of your skin even though you cant see it. Its important to remove your make up thoroughly each night you can do this however you like, using a cleanser or face wash (i personally wash my face every night) ensure your using the correct products to suit your skin type as you don’t want to irritate or dry out your skin.


Failing to moisturise
Don’t forget to moisturise your skin even if its oily! Oily skin produces extra oil because of the skins lack of hydration by moisturising you can maintain the water – oil balance of your skin. Moisturising when your face is wet can help lock in moisture. You should never let your skin dry out either but with that being said you don’t need to drown it in product, its about trying to ensure your skins moisture is always balanced. Also you should avoid using body lotions or perfumed lotions on your face as these are too harsh for your facial skin, you need something more delicate like a cream specially for your face, again id advise you to use the correct products for your skin type whether you have dry, normal, combination or oily skin. If you have dry skin you could try putting some coconut oil on before sleeping its rich in antioxidant vitamin E and is absorbed differently to any other oil as its so thin, I wouldn’t advise using the oil before putting on your make up.


Over exfoliating 
Exfoliating is a must especially if you have spot prone or dry skin but over exfoliating can cause irritation, redness, excessive dryness and your skin to tighten. You should aim to exfoliate two or three times a week also when your exfoliating you don’t need to be rough your face is delicate remember! You should use gentle circular motions and focus on the spot prone or dry areas.


Testing foundations on your hand 
If you test your foundations on your hand then you’re doing it all wrong! Chances are your face and hands are not the same colour. Also your hands or face maybe be dryer than one another and the product may sit differently on the two types of skin.  When testing foundations you should test them on your jaw line. I learnt this tip whilst at beauty college. This is also a good place for  testing as you can see how it will blend into your neck helping you avoid the dreaded foundation jaw line.


Not allowing your moisturiser to dry before you apply your make up
You should allow your moisturiser to fully sink in before applying your make up otherwise your make up wont sit on your face properly.  If your in a hurry you can blot your face dry with some tissue but never rub your face dry as it will dry out your skin.


Forgetting all about your neck 
When moisturising don’t forget your neck most people moisturise their face and show no love to their neck. You should also go down your chest and cleavage area. Moisturising helps keep your skin soft, supple and can help prevent wrinkles forming. You don’t want to end up a OAP with a soft face and a dry wrinkly neck now do you?


Do you have any beauty no no’s?
Have you.. like me ever committed any of these beauty sin? If so which ones?