Makeup Myths

  1. “Test your foundation on your wrist.” 
    DON’T use your wrist to test the colour of your foundation. You wear foundation on your face, not your arms, so why test it there? You’ll find it easier to match your foundation with your skin tone if you test it on your jaw.
  2. “Throw your mascara out when it’s clumpy.” Okay, that’s fair enough. But you should be replacing your mascara every three months. Old mascara can be covered in bacteria which can lead to eye infections if it comes in to contact with your actual eyeball.
  3. “Not everyone can wear red lipstick.” Wrong! Anyone can wear it, it’s about finding the right shade for you. Darker skinned people should go for a deeper, darker red whereas paler should go for a light, pastel pink. Don’t let anyone tell you can’t work that red lippy!
  4. Makeup doesn’t expire.” Ha ha, wrong again! Makeup actually has expiration dates on it. Is usually expires after two years so I’d recommend binning all that makeup you’ve been hording since you were thirteen.
  5. “Pumping your mascara gets rid of clumps.” It actually does the opposite. Pumping your mascara traps air inside it drying it out and creating MORE clumps!
  6. “You only need one colour foundation.” Throughout the year, depending on how much exposure to the sun you endure, your skin colour will change. It’s good to have a slightly darker foundation for the summer months.
  7. Sleeping with makeup on is fine.” It’s not! During sleep your pores will become clogged with makeup which will cause spots and black heads. It’s important to take it off before you sleep.”