1 Wash it less!

Yeah, you heard right. See my No Poo hair care post which explains my journey to ditching the ‘poo for good!

2 Use less chemicals.

It’s not just the shampoo and conditioner that take its toll on your hair. Using wax, gel, hairspray, bleach and dye also diminish its health.

3 Have regular trims.

We all know it but we all hate it. Even if you’re growing your hair, regular trims keep it healthy and stop breakage. I trim a very small amount (approx 1cm) every couple of months and that’s enough to keep it from splitting.

4 Moisturise.

I treat any dry ends to a bit of coconut oil every couple of days. You can also make conditioning masks with it if you’re hair is prone to dryness.

5 Go upside down!

I try to hang my head upside down (just as if you’re painting your toe nails) for a couple of minutes every day. This improves circulation and encourages hair growth.

6 Eat well.

As expected, a healthy diet is essential for healthy hair. Feel free to research this further but as I understand it, protein, omega 3, vitamin c & a, iron and zinc are what you need to be stocking up on! As a herbivore I get mine from fruit, veggies, nuts, seeds, pulses and tofu.

7 Use more natural products.

Check my follow up hair care post for more info on this. I filled a spray bottle with water and added a little tea tree and lemon oil. I spray my hair with it every couple of days just to give it some moisture and love. Both oils are good for hair and skin and the lemon oil gives it a citrus-y fragrance.


8 Go Au Natural.

Try to air dry it once in a while and lay off the heated styling tools. I never use any of these things anymore and I try to limit the amount of time I spend having it tied up. Let it be freee!

9 Go for a head massage.

You can also do this yourself. Although touching your hair too much makes it greasy, try a massage every week or so. Again, this promotes good circulation and encourages hair growth.

10 Brush your hair gently.

Brush it thoroughly but gently, otherwise this can cause breakage or can weaken the hair. Do it from the bottom up to remove the tangles!

11 Avoid heat.

Try washing your hair in warm/tepid water. If the shower is too hot it damages your hair. Having a quick blast with cold water is always good as well, it gets your circulation going and closes the cuticles which results in super shiny locks!

words and photos- Effi Summers