First of all, we’d like to thank 1More for gifting us some of their exceptional products!

Let’s start with the packaging – I certainly can’t fault it. The matte black and silver casing immediately screamed “Quality!” at me. Not to mention the elegance it also suggests about the product itself! The brand name isn’t plastered on every surface, edge, and corner, but instead keeps it simple yet smart with small, respectable reminders that the product you are opening is made by a reputable company – it’s not too much, not too little.

Upon lifting the flip lid, I was immediately presented with some very attractive, white and subtle gold headphones, and a leather, magnetic clasping travel case to keep them safe. I can safely say it’s the first time I’ve seen in-ear headphones comes with a safety case…perhaps no more tangling?

Beneath, I lifted the first layer of velvety foam to find more accessories – a little box with three sets of ear buds, a rather unique 1More shirt clip, a user guide (of course), and a dual prong airline adapter! It was laid out so perfectly I was almost too scared to touch any of it, especially the headphones that looked so perfectly placed inside the packaging.

The first thing I noticed about the headphones was it’s braided, nylon cable which supposedly prevents tangling, a simple yet clever design. The angles of the headphones align perfectly with the natural curve of my ears and the comfort was exceptional; you don’t even feel them there! Now, let’s talk about the sound quality – I opened up Spotify and selected Pearl Jam’s, ‘Yellow Ledbetter’ and the first note rang in my ears. The sound was clear beyond belief, so crisp, clean, and possibly the purest I’ve ever heard music. There really isn’t anything between me and my music other than squidgy, barely noticeable ear buds. I fiddled with the ‘Intelligent Control Technology’ increasing and decreasing volume, pausing, playing, and simply enjoying – it was almost too easy! It was so pleasant to be able hear every single aspect of my music, the lyrics, the bass, everything.

So, to summarise, the EO323 Dual Driver In-Ear Headphones are an exceptional piece of listening equipment that truly deliver “accurate listening”, clarity, comfort, and an overall wonderful listening experience and I would like to personally congratulate 1More on their product(s).

Head on over to their website and check out the array of quality products available here: