Battling our body demons is, for a lot of us, very difficult. We get stuck in a rut – thinking we’re not good enough, or our thighs do too much rubbing, or perhaps we have too many rolls when we bend over. But we have some tips to help you feel more self-assured and boost body confidence…

Stop Comparing
The worst thing you can do is compare yourself to everybody else, especially those airbrushed supermodels you see on magazine covers who deliver unrealistic expectations on how we are supposed to look. It’s good to understand that everyone has their own unique body shape and their own insecurities and that you’re not alone! But it’s even better to embrace those “flaws” of yours!

Love What You Have
Instead of hating on all the things you dislike about your body, try picking out the things you do like! Sure, you might not like your tummy, but you might have beautiful, clear skin! Sometimes you concentrate so much on the negatives you don’t even notice the positives. Body image exists only in our minds, how you perceive yourself isn’t likely to be the same as how others perceive you. However, a person who feels good about themselves will ooze body confidence and sex appeal!

Don’t Think, Just Do!
Simply learning to love yourself might not work for you. In which case, you should want to change your body enough to actually change it! Of course, a couple of sessions at the gym won’t make immediate changes, but it will make you feel good about yourself even just knowing that you are trying! Simply knowing that you are on your way to your goal is enough to boost your confidence in itself.

Maybe you are self conscious about your skin? Make changes to your diet and invest in some high end skin products! Basically, if you don’t like it, change it! But if you can learn to love and accept yourself, that’s perfect too.