As a University student, attending gig’s will inevitably be a big part of your social life. Here’s a short survival guide to help you make the most of your gigging experience. 


Don’t be the person who watches the entire gig through their phone. I get it, we all love a picture/video, or two, to send to our pals or to post on our socials. However, you’re there to enjoy the music and the atmosphere: soak it up!


Be cautious of ‘drinks’ that are thrown into the crowd. At a rowdy gig, thrown drinks are inescapable… but, this isn’t always a bad thing. When you’re sweaty and exhausted from dancing, a refreshing splash of cold liquid is a gift sent from above. However, you can’t always ensure that the liquid in the cup is booze: the last thing you want is to be drenched in warm urine (gross, I know – but it does happen), so stay alert!


Know the crowd. At any gig you will find the die-hard fans at the barrier, those who like to mosh and dance in the middle and those who would prefer to stand and watch peacefully at the back or sides. If you’re not into being pushed around boisterously, the mosh pit is not your friend – steer clear!


Grab a friend and sing your heart out. Watching your favourite band/artist with your best pals is a glorious experience; there’s truly nothing like shouting your favourite lyrics at the top of your voice and having a dance. The best tip to gigging you could ever receive is to simply let loose and enjoy yourself!


Article by Amy Parrack

You can follow Amy on Twitter: @amy parrxck